Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Of Sonny boy's school friends.

Its been 4 months now that he's been going to his new school and he's been lovin it!

From his A ma'am,whose name he drops at the drop of a hat, to his V Ma'am whose name gets dropped less frequently; from his school uniform to his school shoes; from the school buses to the school play area; from kiddo X to kiddo Y who he was fascinated with, he's totally enjoying it all. But all these are things that I put together from whatever I manage to coax out of him in disjointed bits and pieces.
For my son still REFUSES to talk about this school and the happenings inside, just like he refused to do so about his previous school. And I don't even know the names of any of his friends, so that I can ask them what they're up to in school.

For instance- this girl Y who fascinated him ..
Every day he used to come home and let drop little snippets about 'Barbie girl'.
Who apparently sat next to him in the bus every day.
Who he said would call him every day to sit beside her ONLY.
Who he said he liked very much.
Achcha was mighty impressed at this fast work from his son.
And I too found it mighty cute and curious that he called her Barbie Girl inspite of never having had a Barbie. But ok, if he wanted to name his friend Barbie Girl, so be it. Until one day, I asked him who his best friend was, expecting the answer to be Barbie Girl!

Not so.
"Who, Sonny boy?" I asked gently, not wanting to hurt his feelings that I thought his friend's name was a little out of this world.
"Jumbobag, Amma! you know.. Jumbobag!"

I didn't know, but I was going to be enlightened.

"I thought it was Barbie Girl, Sonny boy?" I probed, fearing a break-up THIS early.
"Yeah, but now she's not Barbie Girl anymore." Disinterestedly.
Aah! So it was not the little girl, it was my son who was so fickle.

"Sonny boy, why don't you like Barbie girl any more?"
"Because she bringing Redbag now!"

So that dear readers are Sonny boy's friends. Barbie Girl, Jumbobag, Redbag, Ben10bag... All school bags of his friends. I wonder what he does when two kids have the same bag?? And when he'll finally let me know the names of his friends?


Lavs said...

Finally you have posted. How have you been doing? Settled into new home??

Suma said...

haha..i really laughed out loud..neat way of identifying by bags..truly praise worthy...sonny never disappoints me...:)

and nice to see you back ...after SUCH A LONG TIME!!!!! :D

Just Like That said...

Lavs: Yeah, finally!!! :-) I've been doing fine, tho" have been totally SWAMPED in work! Popped in oce to see pics of li'l Buddha :-) will be back soon.
And new home has been good for me so far, tho' I STILL Have some 6 boxes left to unpack!!!

Suma: You can't believe how good it feels to be back :-D And now, I know I have a lot of tags to catch up on...

Swati said...

Good to see you !!

LOL !! that was too funny :) I just loved it:)

Asha said...

That was funny! LOL!!
and welcome back :)

WhatsInAName said...

its so so so so so good to see you typing again! really missed you loads.
Feel like singing * sonny days are here again Thumbs up*
:-) Give a huge hug to sonny from my side and hope he comes home with more such bag-full of stories lol

Kodi's Mom said...

good to see a post from you!
and that was hilarious - nice way of nicknaming - who would have thunk?!!

Artnavy said...

that was an interesting way to nick name...late rin the post i thought it would be shoes...

Mama - Mia said...


finally the woman is back!! :p you have to do my tags too! ;)

sonny boy is darn cute!! please to find time and introduce me to him! maybe i can get the names out!

and i will let you feed Cubby! :p



Suki said...

Yay, you're BACK!

Usha said...

hahahahah. We want some sonny boyisms pls. Don't tell me he has outgrown them?

Marina D'Souza said...

Excuse me people but where do i enroll for Sonny boy fan club?

What a cool way of conferring nick names! Why didn't i think of that back in school? *sheepish smile*