Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just for the record

I am PRO gay rights.

This morning was reading in the newspaper of how Celina Jaitley was inviting support for gays and their rights, and I was thinking that she was doing a great job.

I truly don't understand how a mature choice that a man or a woman makes regarding his/her sexual partner can be a source of contempt. So long as it is not with children, or your own offspring, or an animal, I think its ok.

Enforce a law that forbids child marriage.
Enforce laws that make employment of children a punishable offence.
Enforce laws that ensure that dowry is neither given nor asked.
Enforce laws that enable the girl child to thrive- inside the womb and outside.
Make it legal to chop off the balls of a rapist, I say.

But to condone child marriage, child employment, dowry, female infanticide, rape....and then to heap the kind of ridicule that exists currently for a love that thrives between two people albeit of the same sex, to me, smacks of stupidity and intolerance.

And it is the height of cruelty to force a person who is gay to get married to someone who is not, just to satify societal mores. Height of cruelty to the gay person as well as to the non-gay person. I have seen two such people at close quarters and it has only reinforced my firm opinion that it is high time we recognised gay rights.

At least then gay people can hold up their heads in society and not feel cornered.
I wonder when India will make a serial like Will and Grace. That pokes fun gently, merrily, without being hurtful.

I do not know what comments this post might attract, but no matter if I earn my first trolls, I wanted to make a stand.
We need to learn to be more tolerant, people.
And, for the record, am not gay, nor is my husband.


Smitha said...

Well said!!! And I totally agree with everything you've said!! I wonder when our lawmakers get this maturity!

Swati said...

I don't say I am Pro or against ..rather I do not know if I am pro or against.I do not think that my opinion matters also , until a dear one is not one of them. But what I hate is making fun out of them. I know its something thats difficult to digest for many but its definitely not funny. Love marriages and Love before marriage was also difficult to digest for our previous generations (grand parents and before) but our parents and we have come to terms with it. Same goes with coed education and things like that. Gay/lesbians is something that we have not come in terms with and it may take time and laws of any kinds cannot stop something if its natural.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Hmmm.. to be honest I never actually gave much thought about it.. my response towards it is what you call indifferent..

I think its ones personal choice and he/she should be free to decide.. However, at the same time I am not sure, if my son or daughter comes in (though I dont have any, the d'day is still 1 month away ;) and declare it, how I am gonna react.. what about you? what will be your reaction..

Just Like That said...

Smitha: Thanks, Smitha.

Swati: You know what- I would be in two minds to join in any kind of public support campaign for gays rights now, simply because there is such a stigma attached to the whole thing. But what I want is for such people too (after all they did't ask to be born that way) to feel part of society, not feel that they are a butt of ridicule. Cos that leads to so many other complications of inferiority, depression, insecurity, vindictiveness etc...

Scattered: God forbid that my son ever feel so very isolated and ridiculed in society for whatever reason. But if that reason be his sexual orientation, I hope by then people would have grown to look on it more supportively, and I hope to God that my son finds that he can confide in me, that I have inculcated in him the courage to do something positive about it and that I can support him with a brave heart, wholeheartedly.

Mama - Mia said...

oh well! i think its gonna be a looong time before our society accepts gay rights. right now even law isnt with them!

but i live in hope. and i realy think there is nothing unnatural or weird about it! period!

so totally pro!



Mama - Mia said...

tagged ya! pls to do!


Ron said...

My thoughts exactly. Its an indiviual choice and there are bigger problems to deal with. Lifestyle choices made by two consenting adults is their business entirely. Unfortunately more than half the world does not think the same way.

Suma said...

you go... gal, like you said there are so much happening that need to be addressed (poverty, hunger, child labor etc),

you know, i could almost see the smoke coming out from this post :)

dipali said...

You rock, JLT!