Monday, September 14, 2009


I used to think that the husband spoke too much.

His son is a chip right off the block, and can put the block to shame.
From the time he gets up to the time his eyes droop down in sleep, he chatters nineteen to the dozen - on anything and everything!

Ammammma says that her grandson is going to be a politician the way he can go on and on on anything! She doesn't say that appreciatively.

There are times when we literally keep our fingers over his mouth and can still feel the lips moving in protest. He is incorrigible.

Sample this-

Amma: Sonny boy, write red.
Sonny boy: Red? You want me to write red?

Amma : Yes, write red.
Sonny boy: ruh-eh-duh-red you want me to write?

Amma Yes.
Sonny boy: or ruh-a-duh?

Amma: Sonny boy, I have told you so many times- either use phonetics OR use only alphabets when spelling, DO NOT confuse the two.
Now write ruh-eh-duh. WRITE!
Sonny boy: Amma, red or read? like you know, in read a book?

Amma: Sonny boy, ruh-eh-duh is what I said.
Sonny boy: Oh, you mean red colour? THAT red? yeah? THAT red, Amma? Amma? Ok I will write... ruh.... eh....
Amma, red is the colour of your dress?

Amma: Sonny boy, please, PLEASE write red.

I tell you this is just a minor sample. He talks non-stop.

And last weekend, when we had gone to school, this is what his teacher had to say.

"He's intelligent, but he gets distracted easily. And he talks a lot...."

At which the Acha and I made a face and said that we had the same problem at home too.
And she said, "In fact he talks so much he manages to distract the rest of the class too, so I've put him right at the front of the class. Only him in a row. At first it was peaceful. But now, he turns around and talks ..."

sigh! It's not easy being a future politician's parents, I tell you.


Praveen said...

I was grinning all the way :)
I was ditto as a kid :D

Sumana said...

LOL, the poor teacher. Teachers need to be smarter for the kids these days. He is one smart guy.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Ah! Another reason to stay in touch with you!!!

Finally I will have the chance to boast about connections :D

Mama - Mia said...

wow!! why do i have a feeling that Cubby is gonna be exactly like this?

ofcos right now he is the quietest kid in the class and its only us who suffer! :p

this post had me laughing throughout! :D


Swati said...

ROFL ..Sorry but I cannot stop laughing

Poppins said...


Just Like That said...

Praveen: :-D so tell me, are you still like that, or can one live in hope?

Sumana: Poor teacher indeed. Nowadays, he makes up words for the teacher and asks their meaning!!! This is what comes of learning 'ent words, 'all words, 'am words, etc..

ST: Thanks for the optimism :-D

Mama Mia, Swati, Poppins: :-D

Praveen said...

He will be fine in a few years :P

Uma said...

LOL... I have a similar sample at home...not so talkative at school though... I know what it is like...

Gayatri said...

I guess some kids are made that way :) my achu @

Its fun isn't have episodes of innocent chatter every loving it :D

Vidooshak said...

OMG we will soon move from being complained about by teachers, to being complained to! Woweeeee

Sonny must be a handful in class. Those guys usually went on to buy a Toyota at 23 :-)

Suma said...

hahahaha...way to go sonny boy...really really laughing out loud.

psst...i was like that, too..i remember a hanky being tied on my mouth but no, didn't work :)

WhatsInAName said...

lol lol let the chatter go on and on, I am loving it