Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Charity begins at home

As of now, I'm pretty glad Sonny boy doesn't have any siblings!!!

The in-laws are a-visiting, and K, the SIL's son, is an active little 5 year old. Who worships the ground his cousin walks on. But who ineveitably, wilfully gets on Sony boy's wrong side, in an attempt to get noticed. Needless to say, every minute of the day, one can expect melt-downs of the gigantic kind.
The love-hate relationship, you could say, is thriving.

Sonny boy: - I ate two pieces of cake.
K : Did not!
Sonny boy: I did!
K: Did not!
Sonny boy: DID!!!!!
K: DID NOT!!!!!!

Phew! Its amazing how with his minimal vocabulary K effortlessly manages to raise Sonny boy's ire to alarming extents. This child is going to suffer from BP if he goes on in this fashion.

So tonight, there were some small crystals of sugar (prasad) that Sonny boy found in my bag. While about a dozen went into his mouth, he went around distributing some two crystals to all of us others (since it was prasad)

K : I want.
Sonny boy: No.
Sonny boy: NOOOOO!

K, Appealing to me, "Ammayi, tell Sonny boy to give me also..."

K's Ammayi knew that a straightforward appeal was not going to work, for the two had just had another verbal duel. Matters had to be resolved the roundabout way-

Amma (winningly): Sonny boy, give K some more sugar, please.... God will give you back if you give to others.
Sonny boy: (Looking at his diminished packet of sugar crystals) No, God won't!
Amma: Of course he will....
Sonny boy: But he won't- the sugar is getting less...
Amma: He won't give you sugar itself. If you give K what he wants, God will give you something YOU want, later... That is how He works..

Sonny boy up-ends the entire packet in his hands.
Half of it he give to a delighted K.
And then he calls- Trinityyyyyy! (that's our eternally hungry lab) Here's some sugar, for you...

Now Amma and Acha need to be careful on their next trip to a mall. And be wary of a little boy waiting for God to fill his bag with goodies, via Acha and Amma of course!


R's Mom said...

hahahahaa! Sonny boy is so cute :)

Little FInger said...

Sonny boy is super sweet. I am also glad that I have only one at home :)