Tuesday, May 10, 2011

IPL tidbits.

So the Acha and Sonny boy were watching IPL...

Sonny boy's fickle loyalties as of now are like a chameleon- tho' its the background of a different kind that matters. He's on the side of the winning team, no matter who. However he does have his favourites, Gautam Gambhir, Sachin and Dhoni being among them.

Saurav Ganguly was apparently batting (no, I do NOT watch cricket, unless its the World Cup)this evening. And he was a novelty to Sony boy, who had not heard of him during the World Cup or in the last few matches he's been watching with his Acha.

The Acha was aghast that he didn't know who Ganguly was!!

Acha: Sonny boy, Ganguly was one of India's best captains! Better than Dhoni even!
Sonny boy: Then what happened to him?

Acha: He stopped playing.
Sonny boy: Why?

Acha: Because- because he was tired!
Sonny boy: Then why is he playing now?????


Little FInger said...

ROTFL post :)

R's Mom said...

heheheheheh :) But I do agree to Acha I think he was definitely one of the best captains India had (Dhoni is there but still) he got the passion back to the game

Just Like That said...

Little Finger: I ROTFL'd too! :-D

R's Mom: he was good, yes. :-)

Shivaja said...

When I read your jottings, I always wonder what profession sonny boy is gonna take up...the way he keeps u engaged with so many questions! :)