Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Getting to know the family

In the course of his introduction to the Hindu Pantheon, I had recently introduced Sonny boy to Chottanikkara Bhagawati, and her chant-
Amme Narayana
Devi Narayana
Lakshmi Narayana
Bhadre Narayana.

He pronounces Devi as Baby, and this was what had led to his last query on the whereabouts of Baby Rama(he's only seen pics of Baby Krishna).He is particularly fond of 'Baby' Narayana, and I guess the fondness will last for at least as long as he continues to pronounce Devi as Baby. (I hope the fondness lasts lifelong )

Today I was telling him that She is the Mother Godess. I told him that She was like me- Amma- and he could go to Her with any grouse and She would take care of it if possible.Not wanting the Gods to feel left out, I also told him that the other male Gods were like Achcha, and they would also do likewise.

Up came the second query which had me stumped for a while- Amma, where is Muthashsh?

Unfortunately, Brahma has been cursed not to be worshipped in any temple. So I do not have the picture of the Creator to show him. But I suppose I CAN tell him that Brahma is the father of all the Gods and Godesses and hence the Muthasshan (grandfather) of my dear little son?

I eagerly await the next question that emerges out of Sonny boy's experiments with prayer and Gods and Godesses


WhatsInAName said...

Ah :) the pleasures of those never ending questions when you yourself are lost for an answer and those cute lisps!
Enjoy answering! That reminds me of my elder daughters childhood when everyday she would want a story before sleeping. As if that was not enough, she would give me some vague title for the story - like "the crow and the giraffe" and I had to cook up the story :)

Usha said...

You know we have a god called swaminathan which is a version of Muruga - in this version baby Muruga is sitting on Shiva's lap and supposed to be teaching him the meaning of the Pranava mantr OHM. In this the father Shiva sits obediently like a student - it is all a game to make the child feel special.Even Gods like to learn from their children!

You better brush up your mythology well before you start telling him the stories!and do keep us updated.

Just like that said...

Usha- Yes, I better read up...

Shivaja said...

Nice questions by sonny boy that will keep u on ur