Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ooh aah ouch!

Hubs has had surgery this weekend.. He actually had root canal treatment the weekend before last- he couldn't stand the pain. he said. But post this surgery, he says he'd prefer to do 100 root canals anyday-to THIS!! $%#@&*

THIS $%#@&* - is removal of his wisdom tooth- that didn't have space to come out and was embedded in his gums. So the docs (two, able, muscular guys) delved into poor Hubs' mouth, and first gave him local anaesthesia. Then they cut his gums and drilled his jaw bone and tried yanking the tooth out. It came out, but broke off in between, so they had to do some further manipulation. Then they found that the root had gone under another healthy tooth, so they had to 'ad'venture deeper and further- all the while 'irrigating' and 'draining'...Poor poor Hubs. By the end of the first hour, Hubs was prone, towards the end of the second, all he wanted was to get away alive, by the third, he was more dead than alive, at the end, he had to be told that he was alive and one day would be able to smile as of olden days. Wisdom sure comes at a price, folks.

When he came out, it looked as if he had been in one of those boxing bouts- his mouth open and lips swollen and speech fuzzy and eyes glazed... uh oh....OUCH! Sure felt sorry for him! (And dreaded my visit to the dentist more than ever!btw, my wisdom tooth hasn't come out either, and since I haven't been to the doc, dunno if I too have the same problem. omigawd, I sure hope I don't!)

Hubs told me that he had been thinking of me at the start of his ordeal. I was charmed, to say the least. My spouse loved me SO much? Then the whole story came out-
During my pregnancy, I had heard horror stories of my aunts and cousins and sis..., while I was having my contractions for Sonny boy, during the initial spasms, I kept thinking that this was nothing, worse was to come ( as per the stories)....., and I grinned and bore it, telling Mom and Sis that things were ok...., until finally I walked up to the nurse and said that I thought it was time to be taken inside...., she took a look and shrieked- what on earth were you doing lying there till now, girl? the baby's almost out!... and within half an hour of my going into the theatre, Mum was handed over my bunch of joy!

So that was why Hubs had been thinking of me- hoping that like me, his fears would prove greater than the actuality... But Hubs dear forgot to take the most important thing into account- which was that at the end of my 'ordeal' I had my lovely little baby handed into my arms, which made me think everything worth it. Whereas Hubs came back home sans tooth, and a load of drugs to be taken 3 times a day, before food, after food etc. And the pain has not ended. It continues.
Hopefully by the weekend, he will be perfectly alright.


WhatsInAName said...

heyyyyyy got here at last!
Loved this post the most. Reminded me of my tryst with the dentist. I had only one poor wisdom which became my sweet tooth as well... consequently got cavities. Luckily it came out without a problem except a chubby cheeks for me for 2 days:)

Now keep guessing who I am :P

Usha said...

Oops. There is nothing more painful than a root canal or a painful extraction. I agree with your comaprison to labour pains - the baby makes you feel it was all worth it but tooth ache - OUCH!