Friday, October 26, 2007

Bits and pieces

We all speak Sonny-boy-speak these days. See if you can speak it too.

One lawn sets off another. So please cover your mouth while lawning.

How yootiful! The showers....(he's still not managed flowers)

One rumber, two rumber, three rumber...and so it goes...

Sumburry's at the door, who could it be?

These days, he's taken to setting down the rules for me.
"When sumburry's playing train, not to disturb!"
This, when I'm calling him to eat dinner. Can you beat that? And this is said in a perfectly serious tone, complete with finger held up admonishingly.
He never says 'When I'm playing..' or whatever, because we try to train him saying- when somebody's reading the newspaper, you should not disturb. so he too brings sumburry in.
Small wonder, Mr. Sumburry's very much part of the family now.


And yip yip yipppeeee!
The Ammamma's coming over again. Sonny boy and I are going to pick her up this weekend and we'll be back on Mon morn.
As of now, I still haven't found a maid, so am still doing the housework and officework and nanny work and its all getting to be too much. And Sonny boy still has his Puja hols, (school re-opens Mon, hallelujah!) so he keeps being shunted around between the two of us as we try to accomodate each other's work schedules and his needs as well.
And this is what the mother had to say when she told me she was coming.
"You and Hubby can do whatever and manage, but I'm coming for poor Sonny boy. Why should that poor darling suffer?"
This is what I call rank ingratitude. She forgets she was a Mom first and only then an Ammamma. After all, if not for me and the Hubby, she wouldn't have a Sonny boy, would she?

I shall leave you to ponder on the injustice of that, peoples. Happy weekend!

Pssstt! YAYYYYY!! She's coming!


DotMom said...

I love Mr.Sumburry! That's just so cute. you should record hims say all this :)

rayshma said...

how VERY adorable! :)
my fren's daughter spent 35 mins admonishing her dad *AND d frenz hubby. of course!* d other day coz she caught him killing a mosquito. logic given: "he's older than u. u shud be good to him. u shud share ur home with him. not good. u hurt him!?"
kids...! :D)

Usha said...

Are rumbers those that go 1, 2, 3? Sumburry's really talking in riddles huh!

Kodi's Mom said...

sonny speak is delicious - only lawning took me a minute to figure out after that i fell into the groove :)
and hey, abt the grandma thing - totally agree. both mom and MIL claim they care only for the grandson. their own kids are irrelevant now :( how quickly they switch sides!!

Fuzzylogic said...

How adorably cute!Love the sonny speak and Mr.Sumburry:)
About the ingrateful grandmoms sadly it's an universal phenomenon. The moment their grandkids enter into this world we kids are relegated to second class status:(

dame's diary said...

He is such a treat! :)

WhatsInAName said...

Sumburry sure rocks! Please pass on a tight hug to him from my side :)
Happy ammamma-ing :)Yeah they get those bouts of amnesia too often these days, na!

Hip Grandma said...

'This is what I call rank ingratitude. She forgets she was a Mom first and only then an Ammamma...'

Me too guilty of the same.Sonny speak was intersting.

ddmom said...

yootiful and sumburry - too good.
About the grandma thing - Good that you are blogging. Book mark this post and pay a visit to it 30 or so years later :)

choxbox said...

LOL at ddmom's comment!
Lucky you! I want a grandma here too.

Moppet's Mom said...

Now that's a smart little sumburry! Cute!

Poppins said...

Audio !! We want audio ! And yay your mom is coming, I'm happy for you!

Just Like That said...

All: Sumburry's Amma is very happy you all had fun. :-D We continue the laugh-and-learn-ride on a daily, shall let you gals also come on from time to time.

Collection Of Stars said...

Housework and officework and nanny work ? - Hats off to you :)
I am glad sumburry's ammamma is coming and sumburry's amma should realize that for an ammamma, her child takes a backseat once the grandchild arrives - it's the same case here :)

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

That was cuutte. Enjoy having Ammamma at home Mr.Sumburry! Sumburry's Amma is getting J about his Ammamma's love for him. :)

Peridot said...

Oh so cuteeee..I liked the "lawning " the best :-) What's your email id JLT?, made my a 'private' blog..

Just Like That said...

CoS: Am quite tired of juggling all 3 hats, but the housework hat is just not falling off! Yeah, Ammamma's have a short memory.:-)

Anitha: Not fair, you have to agree? After all I did come first...


Sunita said...

Sumburry is very cute!! And like Poppins mom said, we need audio ..please oblige :)

~nm said...

So sweet! I so love to hear such kid talk. You know so many times I had been pointed at how Anirudh cannot say words properly and I would be thinking "whats the hurry?" I do not try to correct him always because I like to hear the kiddy-speak. Isn't it so much fun to hear them jumble up words?