Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Before I get labelled as a relic in blogdom (if I haven't already), thought I'd start getting some of the tags out of the way. I do love doing tags for the way they give you foddder for the blog. But unfortunately, I seem to be able to attempt it only WAY past the deadline- EVERY other soul having finished by now.

I remember at least two that I have pending- the quirks one from Moppet's Mom and the how-i-met-my-love-and-got-engaged one from- Dotmom? Two that I definitely intend doing, so please put up with this relic.

Well, to start with the quirks- I am just another normal person, I have my quirks. But some are quirkier than the others, as my husband would definitely affirm.

1) When I used to wear specs, I used to use them as a cover for moments of embarassment, nervousness etc. Eg. whenever I got flustered, I would automatically put up my hand and push up my specs onto my nose, re-gathering my composure in those few seconds. Very useful, but now that I wear contacts, the bridge of my nose misses the action.

2) I love buying things I do not have time to use. I have a fancy sewing machine, that I bought when I was pregnant and in my 7th month. To my credit, I DID stitch Sonny boy some pajamas and a romper from my old pajamas (I would post a pic of him wearing said cute romper if only the husband were not averse to my posting pics) I stitched myself a nightie and a couple of kurtas too to wear at home, but that is the end. It now accumulates dust in a corner and my better half's I-told-you-so looks accumulate by the day too. I have also loads of cloth that I bought to stitch, which still lies unstitched. And I keep hankering after cute handy knick kancks to keep my house organized. But the worse half gives me those looks I told you about, and my enthusiasm subsides. My microwave oven exists solely to reheat stuff, tho' when I bought it, I bought a nice recipe book. (And oh! I have plenty of other recipe books too.)

3) I get along pretty easily with people and small talk in the first meeting, and so people think I'm a garrulous soul. But come the second or third, longish meeting, and I get all tongue-tied or close to it. I simply CAN'T get stuff to go yakkitty-yak for extended stretches of time, unless its somebody I really like, when of course, there is no problem at all. This is quite a drawback in my work life.

4) I am technologically challenged. My brain goes all blank when someone tries to explain things to me about how wonderful a thing whatever is. And then, of course, the husband is the person to explain things, and then of course, my favourite past time is shouting at the husband for not explaining things better. (This could explain why I never send you dear ladies and babies cards and stuff that you invite me to participate in. Boo! Hoo! hoo!)
I am also arithmetically challenged. To this day, I don't know how I scored in my school and college Math subjects. And to this day I get confused when these things come up-for this many its that much. So for that many, how much will it be???? Bah!

5) Have been saving this for the last. I love pulling out my body hair.
I even have tweezers bought specially for the purpose. And my husband keeps throwing away the tweezers and I keep buying new ones to replace them.
Before you go eeeewwww! let me explain how this came to be. There is a logical reason.
You know we ladies wax our hair away...? Well, one such waxing day, there was no power at the parlour, (and this was in my impoverished, unmarried days, when money for waxing was nearly non-existent, all being saved for long STD calls to the parents at Kerala, and to the boy friend at Mumbai.) and the lady did a rather hodge podge job of it in the sole light operated by generator.
And when I came home, I found several lonely hairs peeping out sadly from here and there. And I had an official party that very evening! Well, this was in the hostel of course, and so I found tweezers readily enough. And so I proceeded to pluck all the miserable left-alone-behind ones and sent them to accompany their friends in some body-hair-heaven somewhere.
I was so flushed with the thrill of achievement that day!

After that day, I made it a practice to check each time post waxing, and sure enough, each time I would find some poor hair souls left weeping behind, and I would proceed to give send them on their way too.
Soon, the checkings became not just after waxing, but all the time. And there! I had got my quirk, and was quite addicted to it. And sometimes when tweezers are not handy, I resort to what our original ancestors did- I use my nails.
I have grown quite adept at it now. If you had seen me, you would have thought that I was just picking some speck of dust or particle from my arm, leg, with my fingers, but now you would know better, wouldn't you?

There, those were some of my quirks. Moppet's Mom, if anybody refuses to have anything to do with me after reading my last quirk, I will hold you responsible.


Moppet's Mom said...

Now those are some quirks, especially the last one! You'rs as mad as a hatter and loved for it! :-D

Fuzzylogic said...

LOL!quirky indeed. But pulling the hair with the nails??ouch!ouch!

Just Like That said...

Moppet's Mom: :-D

Fuzzy: It all depends on the direction in which you pull ;-)

WhatsInAName said...


When are you coming to Mumbai next? Will get myself waxed before that..... So you can glance through and help with final clean up :P

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

OH MY! the last one was ultimate.

choxbox said...

just reading the last one gave me goosebumps! am awed by #2 - you can stitch all that!

Just Like That said...

WIN: LOL! So that's two things I need to get to work on next time...Keep the tweezers alongside the slippers, please! :-D

Anitha: *covers her face*:-)

Choxbox: LOL @ goosebumps.
Am glad you're awed. At least I can tell my husband somebody is awed about my stitching skills :-D

Squiggles Mom said...

Pulling out hairs! I can relate to that. I have in grown hair on my legs and many a time you can find me trying to get rid of them!

Hip Grandma said...

when my daughter would wax their legs i'd squirm in pain.I used to wonder how they put up with the pain.And you use tweezers to pull out body hair??Brave girl indeed.

Renie said...

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dame's diary said...

I am guilty of number two.


BangaloreMom said...


Loved your blog. In fact, have had a slow couple of days at work and have been reading all your archives as well. Can relate so much to what you write. :). Keep up the good work.

Bangalore Mom

Just Like That said...

Renie: :-)Thanks, I shall definitely put it up.

Blogkut: Thank you.

Dame: where had you vanished? :-D welcome to the guilty circle!

Bangalore Mom: Thank you so much and welcome to my blog! Will hop over to you shortly. :-)

~nm said...

oye!! Where are you? No talk, no hear! Bhai, itna bhi kaam mat karo *wink*

Just Like That said...

Oh, ~Nm!!!! :-( I was in Delhi yesterday, and i was so much wanting to check out with you (honestly!) if we could meet, but I just didn't have time to go online and chat... I sat out nearly 2 hours in the airport cos my flight was again delayed...

How do we know said...

i like the third one best!

Mama - Mia said...


i guess! am just l'il better off than you! or then maybe not!! i would actually try to sepearte the splitends of my hair and try to save the halfdead hair!! or after a time i had got so adept to breaking my hair excatly where the splitend ended! leaving me with quarter an inch of unsplit hair!! my brother says i used to like like a half crazed woman with hair falling over my face and splitting it!!

you get the picture!!

ps: i notice i write horribly long comment which no one else seems to! maybe its to save all that foryour own blog?? or is it just impolite to talk so much in someone elses space in blogdom?? pray enlighten me!

artnavy said...

that is the quirkiest quirk i have read.. really worth the wait

Just Like That said...

Mama Mia: LOL LOL LOL hahahahaha... that was a good start to the day! I don't know about blog etiquette, but you (and anybody else) are welcome to post however long comments you want in my space. :-D Esp if they make you feel you're not so crazed as you thought you were... ROFL!

Art: :-D