Thursday, December 13, 2007

sonny boy's progress in life.

It seems ages since I posted anything, I've been swamped in work- mine and not mine too. I'm starting to realise that in a big growing company you can't say "hellooo.... that's not what I was taken in for..." Am not too sure that I like the added responsibility. Or rather, I would have, if not for a sweet little boy waiting at home for his Amma who has hardly any time to play with him these days.

Sonny boy is a-growing and and a-learning and a-talking and a-goofing - big time. Sometimes I laugh so in my head thinking of all the things he gets up to..

Like for instance, last week a new grocery store opened up near our house, so we went to check it out. We made our purchases and were stading in line to pay our bill, when Hubby saw this pack of Orbit and chucked that too into our bag. At which immediately a pair of eyes opened wide and turned around to squarely face his Accha.
"Accha, you're a COW? We have a COW at home? that is for COWS!"
All the onlookers who heard laughed too, along with us.

I really do think the maker of this ad deserves an award. For when we got home, Sonny boy's dear next-door pal was waiting for him. The little eyes immediately spotted the Orbit pack and,
"Sonny boyyyy!!! this is for COWS!" and both of them laughed gleefully.
And this from two boys who haven't yet learnt their alphabet and don't know to string two letters to form a word!
Well! we may not be COWS, but chew we definitely intend to!

Its admission time folks, and we're busy doing the rounds, like any other maddened parent. The first school we went to (DPS) Sonny boy went in cheerfully enough, for his assessment/observation, holding the hand of his pretty teacher. We anxiously waved him off. After 5-10 minutes he came out even more cheerfully holding a lollipop in his hand. We eagerly asked him,
"Sonny boy, what did you in there?"
Pat came the response, with a beatific smile, "NOTHING"
I should have known. He's never voluntarily told us anything he gets up to in his playschool, why would it be any different all of a sudden? Sigh!

Yesterday we were learning about insects and how many legs they had. Do any of you erudite mothers know how many legs a flyhome has? Six! And do you know what the flyhome is? I'll wait for the responses. *smile*


~nm said...

A house fly? No. I think its a spider? No. It can't be a spider. Spider has 8 legs. I think its either a house fly.

And so good to see you back. Keep writing even if they are one liners! :)

Swati said...

House fly ..right ?? Good to see you again...even I am back :)

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

Good to see you back. housefly? it has 6 legs? I thought 4.

Fuzzylogic said...

Good to hear from you. So the school hunting has begun is it?I'm dreading the day when I have to start that drill:)I know that housefly has 6 legs but is that what you are talking about anyway?
Zoology was never my strong fort so I will wait for the answer:)

WhatsInAName said...

No, I dunno :( whats flyhome?

But I do know about Orbit!
See how "Erudite" I am!

Usha said...

HOUSE fly? or homefly..I am a bit confused now...hey sonny boy, don't do this to me!

noon said...

Hi JLT - good to see you back. SOmeone wrote to me about my single child or one post today and I went to see that post (from May 10) just now and saw your comment there...thought I will drop in and see how you are doing...
What's orbit btw?
Flyhome - OK I need to read about it now!

dame's diary said...

hehe sonny boy you rock :)

Momma stop feelin guilty! I am sure he is progressing well ...

Just Like That said...

~Nm, Swati: House fly it is. "Insect" was a give away, wasn't it? *grin*
Swati, how was your holiday? :-)

Anitha: You will soon increase your knowledge of zoology- as soon as yours starts going to preschool:-D
It has 6! Not that I have ever counted!

Fuzzy: House fly it is. We're all going to be experts in all the 'ologies taught in pre-school...:-D

WIN: Flyhome as in housefly. Sonny boy was alien to the concept of 'house', we only ever spoke about people's 'homes'.
You WOULD know about Orbit. Your two teens would have given you puh-lenty of lessons LOL!

Usha: Sonny boy refuses to say HOUSE fly. To him our house is HOME to the fly too! :-(

Noon: LOL! Orbit is a chewing gum from Wrigleys- the ad has a cow chewing it and grinning showing all her teeth sparkling brilliant white- ORBIT white. You have some way to go yet.. LOL!
Fly home as in house fly.:-)

Dame: He IS, I hope, but the schools he's been to till now don't seem to have the same idea. :-(

Mama - Mia said...

well sense you have given away the answer about housefly! hehe!

am back to work today and wondering how long can i use i have a small baby at home card?? not everyone is too sympathetic! lets c!

cant wit till cubby gets all talky! or am i looking too much into the future!

when do i get to see you and the sonny boy of yours???

Just Like That said...

Mama Mia: Hey, its YOU! Welcome!! :-D
And sigh! you can't use the small baby /big baby alone card for too long. Helps if you have a sympo boss, but even then, not too often.
When you were in Mumbai, thought if you were here, I could drop in and chat, now you're here, and I don't have the time to even call!! Such is life with a baby and a job!
How IS Cubby? I think you're better off taking it slow and easy, the faster he grows, the faster the problems too keep cropping up! LOL,
but not to scare you- there are plenty of us who manage to keep the boat sailing, thru waters smooth and choppy too... :-) so, Good luck to you too!

Hip Grandma said...

i really thought that a fly home was a cobweb.stupid of me.

Sunita said...

Girl, Thanks for dropping by. Wish you and your family a merry christmas too.

Just been too held up and with the dial up at home conked off, I feel totally handiapped. Will return soon :).

Vidooshak said...

ur jottings now meander into the realm that never fails to give me the jitters-- school admissions!!!

especially after watching TZP, i feel so sad at the innocence-crushing capability of the entire school system. the place where kids are supposed to spend MOST of their childhood has turned, at least in India, into a cauldron of stress for the kids and money-game for parents.

Sonny is already there and Cubby will soon get there. I hope and pray that like everything else improving in India, the school experience improves soon and our babies look forward to the daily school bus

keep us posted and do try and meet up before school starts, while Sonny's still a butterfly!

artnavy said...

happy new year to sonny boy and you!!

anushka is petrified of flies and tells them "shoo fly"

Squiggles Mom said...

They get smarter and smarter!!! Happy New Year :)

Lavs said...

Wish you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.