Monday, December 15, 2008

Sonny boy observations.....

While having his bath, Sonny boy lurrrrves to whirl the water in the bucket round and round with his hand, faster and faster, making a mini-whirlpool in the bucket wherein a hapless toy fish chosen for the bath dizzily whirls....
Done with the whirling for the day, the fish was coming to a rest on the surface of the water, when I tried to make Sonny boy apply his swimming lessons to the bathroom as well.

"Sonny boy, see, the fish is floating on top of the water like your instructor tried to make you float in the swimming pool... see... !
And I beamed at him, for he had just been taught to stay afloat a few days earlier.

A delighted Sonny boy beamed back at me.
"Yeah Amma, fish is floating on top of the water! Like I float at bottom of swimming pool!"

Sonny boy finally has a friend in the school bus whose name I know. Aman. Who he looks up to with all his heart. Who is a year older than him and in UKG. And who has a little brother Fayaz who is 3 and in nursery.
Since Aman is 6, it's Sonny boy biggest yearning to be 6 too. That magical age holds mighty possibilities. We tell him that 5 is not too bad. That it is just 1 less than 6. And he mulls it over.
Aman is 6!
I'm 5!
and Fayaz is - ZERO!

Aman's smallest word is law. Recently Aman set forth a big one. One that I wholeheartedly endorse.
About all tallers.
"If I taller than you, you hafto obey me. Aman said all tallers hafto be obeyed."
Long live this friendship!

I try to make Sonny boy not follow in his Acha's footsteps. I try to make him remember where he's left his things, and not go running to me for all things.
So whenever he comes to me saying Amma, I can't find this/that, I firmly tell him that it is his toy/book/whatever and that he should look for it himself and not expect me to find it for him.
The other day I was running late for office and I was running helter skelter, looking for my glasses. I was somebody who always used to search things out for my Mom. So in passing, I panted to Sonny boy-

"Sonny boy, have you seen my glasses?"
He looked at me and then-
"Glasses is your thing. You should know where you kept it. You should look for your things yourself."

Sigh! So much for good karma.


Marina D'Souza said...

Aww sho cute.. Sonny boy must be a total sweetheart :)

~nm said...

hahaha..aren't they so much fun when they start to analyse stuff and speak up their thoughts? :D

Cute lil Sonny boy!

Asha said...

LOL!! Loved the last one :D

Suma said...

hee.....hee...that was good fun...esp the last part...

hang in there, girl, it gets better and better...;)

Vidooshak said...

Sonny boy sure grew up quickly!!!

At my height, am sure I will be obeying Sonny boy soon. When we meeting him, anyway?

Just Like That said...

Marina: Thanks for popping in, girl. :-) Can a cross between Dennis and Calvin be a sweetheart? Turns out they can!

~Nm: They suahh can! :-D Am sure you know

Asha: There's so much more, I've forgotten some... will try to remember. btw, long time since I visited you, popped in, will be back later. :-)

Suma: you don't say?!! :-D

Vidooshak: Soon, soon... :-D

Swati said...

heheheh..i loved the last one

Usha said...

"Glasses is your thing. You should know where you kept it. You should look for your things yourself."
Ejactleeee! Way to go sonny boy. But then Tall people HAFTO be obeyed. So go look for them...:)

Mama - Mia said...


sonny boy is a cool dood, aint he??!!