Friday, January 2, 2009


Wish you all a very happy new year, peoples! a year that you can look back on fondly and tell your grandchildren, "2009 was a good year, you know....'

The first working day of the new year 2009, and I have no resolutions whatsoever, except
- give up a few of my cards.
I end up paying at least 2000 bucks as late fee/interest, almost on a monthly basis across the 5 cards I have. The husband tells me he will change his name if I can prove that I have spent a paisa less than 10K on credit card charges.
10K! Is he mad or what? My hard earned money! So many other things to spend on, so many other worthwhile causes to donate to, if I'm going to end up just giving my money away.. At least I would feel good about it rather than aggrieved. And there would be less of finger pointing in chez JLT. So to maintain cordial marital relations, I plan to give up at least 2 of my cards.
That will leave me with just two dates I have to be paranoid about remembering, and less reasons for the husband to pile on me. Not that he needs a reason. Gah!

Is it something wrong with me, or am I right in thinking some people totally obnoxious?
There is this girl I meet regularly in office, at the loo. She has till date never exchanged a Hi (even a perfunctory one) but has asked me at various times for
cold cream,
safety pins,
sanitary napkins!!....
Today was heights! Its the first working day of the year, and you would think she could at least wish me a happy new year in return? You think wrong.
Mademoiselle was standing squarely in front of the mirror,looking at her nails and then she asks me- do you have a nail file or something?
What does she think I come to office for? To file my nails? Or maybe she thinks I'm a mobile beauty parlour. If I looked the part, I could excuse that thinking, but a bit of neutrally shaded lipstick is my sole claim to glamour.While she comes to office totally made up. Gah! These glamourpusses get on my nerves, I say! Or am I just getting older?

I haven't made any new year resolutions, but I sincerely hope all of my clients have made at least one. To give me business and plenty of business and at regular intervals, at that. Especially in these times, borrowing from Sonny boy's vocabulary,
I have LILLOMETERS to go
before I achieve my targets.

I thought I'd left those days behind me, but it seems I've not... The husband has been nagging me for at least a year now, but yesterday finally , after trying on a pair of trousers in the trial room I think maaaaaaybe I better start taking more care of my body and start trimming my not-so-little sign of prosperity. The trousers I tried on just. wouldn't. zip. up. No matter however much I held my tummy in/stopped breathing..... Gah!
One good by-product would be - the husband and I can stop sharing jeans. I do NOT wear his, he sneaks into mine when I'm not looking and goes off to the ATM or to drop Sonny boy to the school bus- with the button unbuttoned! Its too tight for him to button it, you see.

And on a related note, WHERE are those jeans/trousers that one could wear without showing one's panties? I'm SICK of finding only low waisted trousers wherever you go. One can't bend or stretch without the underpants showing. Gah! and this is all the more so when one has a trim waist and rather full hips. Ok, ok, a pear shaped body, if you insist. Seriously, why do almost all the trousers have to be in that slinky material? And are there really that many size 26's in adult women? If not, could the 26's and 28's be relegated to the kids' section and the women's section have more of 30 and 32 and 34 and...

Looking back, Gah! seems to be my favourite word in this post.....


Vidooshak said...

The loo incident sounds so much like that ridiculous movie 'Fashion'. I could imagine a Kangna Raut type neurotic glam-babe mourning over her looks, while looking pitifully at the under-dressed woman from Sales. Hyuk!

This was a funny funny post. A good way to start the year. You still have lillobytes of posts pending. Write more!!

Happy new year and hope to catch up with your brood this annee!

~nm said...

LOl! What a hilarious post you have written.

About the girl in the loo, I've a girl who seems to keep retouching her makeup quite often (read that as 6-7 times a day) but thankfully she carries her own stuff :P Not that she would get any from me because I never carry anything but my eye liner.

And I loved sonny's word "LILLOMETER". Can I please use it too? :D

Marina D'Souza said...

You're back. And how :).

Hillarious :)

I think its high time we went on a serious candle light march against makers of the low (waste) cough rise.

Lavs said...

Wish you a very Happy New Year

dipali said...

So glad to see you posting again after longish breaks!
An award awaits you at my place.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Hey.. first time on your blog.. thanks to Marina.. and howz that.. damn too hilarious. Loved the style how you write.. keep it up :)

Marina - I thought you are on the mission to give a competition to Kareena on size 0 so howcome you are on the march against the low waist thingies :)

WhatsInAName said...

Gah, Happy New Year dear!

There is a sense of deja vu in your story of Credit Cards but luckily for me, my hubby pays my bills ;) Else I would have ended up paying as much amount as late fee!!!!

I sincerely wish for you a year minus late payments, minus the beauty in the loo, minus the ill fitting jeans and plus lots of business :D

Mama - Mia said...

GOD! you need to write oh so more often!! :)

what about 36 and 38?? there are errr... other women who need those sizes too! and dont say they shouldnt wear jeans! pliss! :p

next time the loo-girl asks you for something, tell her to go and get her own purse in to the loo! geez!!

and YOU pay that much interest?? i would too if M wasnt taking care of finnaces and automating everything he can so that the paisa gets paid without troubling our heads!




Just Like That said...

Vidooshak: We should definitley catch up en l'annee 2009. and that was a good start to the Comments as well in 2009. non? :-D

~Nm: I gave her lipstick the first time she asked. My mistake. Have said no,every other time, but some people never learn! And this when she carries a SACK! :-D Feel free to borrow the lillometers.

Marina: High time we took some action against the Lows!:-D

Lavs: Happy New Year to you too :-)

Dipali: Moi est delighted and honoured.

Scattered thoughts: Welcome to my place. :-) Thanks for the compliment. And shhhhhh.... I need all the support I get in my campaign against low, don't you go deterring people. but seriously, size zero? Awesome!

WiN: Thanks, darling:-D Did I say I love you? I need to do your tag.

Abha: You too? I think I need to let Hubby daaaarrrrlingggg see these comments. Such good husbands you gals have..:-p
Of COURSE you can wear jeans! :-D

Nalini Prasanna said...

Awesome read, will come back for more!

Usha said...

hahahahah...That woman in your office is just unbelieveable!
Have a great year ahead and may a few of those resolutions be successful.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

oh yeah! but marina is on the mission ;) so cant help it :))

Noodlehead said...

Happy new year! So great to see you back and i hope that the new year will see you posting more often :)

i hear ye about the jeans....are the clothing companies listening too? sigh, it's such a punch in the gut to see all the good stuff in a 26 and 28 :( after i had the baby, i've pretty much stopped shopping for's oh-so-tempting to go back to wearing the maternity jeans again :D

Itchingtowrite said...

a little something for u on my blog.

Just Like That said...

Nalini Prasenna : :-) Wel-Come back soon.

Usha: Isn't she just? :-D

Scattered Thoughts: :-)

Noodlehead: HNY to you girlie! I remember a certain post where someone certainly did NOT look like a mother. :-D Its fun to remember the old times, isn't it?

ITW: Moi? THANK you! :-D