Thursday, January 15, 2009

advertising and a sponge

Yesterday was a holiday, thanks to Pongal/Sankranti.

We went out for the day- shopped till we dropped at Lifestyle- Sonny boy literally- (3 shirts for l'homme, 2 pairs of sandals for moi, 1 Build-a-Thomas for you-know-who) and then when our wallets were much lighter and us heavier (after a not-as-great-as-expected Sankranti Special Non-veg Thali at Nandhana, we headed back home and watched a movie- Blind Date on Zee Studio.

The movie was nice, and was liberally interspersed with BBC World Trust's Condom ad. Both the hubby and myself find the ad cute and totally sensible. And yesterday after watching the cute puppy in the ad for the umpteenth time. Hubby said,
"you know, what if I got a dog and named him Condom and yelled out to you in public,
""JLTEEEEEE! Have you seen Condom anywhere? I need him NOW, help me, please!""

And he looked at me, grinning.
Gave the Hubby a look that spoke volumes but later dissolved into laughter at the thought of our neighbours' faces!

Sonny boy was a witness to all this tomfoolery and later still, while having dinner, he went "Condom! Condom!" and sneaked a look at both of us for approval.
Both of us maintained an steadfast silence and went on eating.
"Nice puppy, no Ammma?"

Sigh! It was to be expected. Sonny boy is a big fan of ads. And he likes dogs. But I do wish he'd take any other name. SIGH!
Good ad, BBC.

Haven't posted any links for the ad, sorry


~nm said...

ROFL!! Hilarious!!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

LOL!! I can imagine the look on your face when sonny boy was chanting the ‘c’ word :)

A similar incident from my life.. though I posted it some where else as well but no harm in posting again ;)
When we were kids, TV was not that common thing and all of the neighbors and their brats used to come and sit at our home to watch TV. You know the good old" Doordarshan". The special attraction for us (kids) was to name the advert before it gets finished and I was quite bad with it. One fine day I got my golden opportunity and as soon as the advert started, I screamed with joy, hey I know this ad, I know this ad... this is "Nirodh"

Now it won't take a rocket scientist to figure out that what happened next but that was the last day of our game :)

Doli said...

heheheh loved reading your blog... Sonny boy and his antics are really good.

WhatsInAName said...

Oh I havent seen this ad but can imagine what it would be like ;)

And kids!?!?!?!?!?!
The questions they ask lol!

dipali said...

Too much!

Suma said...


now why didn't that surprise me...? :D

Mama - Mia said...


whats a poor kid supposed to do! watch less TV people!! :p

i remember telling my mom i will take mala d after marriage so that i dont have kids when i was like 10! :p



Vidooshak said...

i loved how he waited for your approval. the best part is, he probably KNEW he was making you uncomfortable. how do they FIND out?

super cute post!

Just Like That said...

~Nm: hmmmmmm, :-D ok, I concede it was hilarious! But at the time, both hubby and I were like OUCH!

Scattered: LOL! Wonder where THAT's disappeared these days, btw..?

Doli: Welcome and thanks.. Yeah, he does up the entertainment quotient quite a bit.:-D

Win: I would have posted the link, but something is not working(as usual I dunno what)-I can't insert links in my office laptop.:-( will try posting the link from the home pc, the post is actually incomplete without it.

Dipali: Too too much!!!

Suma: Been there, heard that, huh? :-D

Abha: Pray, what made you so anti-kid when you were 10????? :-D Hasn't Cubbyr made you change that view? ;-)

Vidooshak: Kids DO say the darnedest things, don't they?:-D

Marina D'Souza said...

Oh wow. You know whats going to happen next don't you? His teachers will be calling you, hoping to dear God that you weren't the one teaching him *those* words.

I wonder what you'd tell her then?
Maybe you can relate the joke and have her laughing. I see it worked on everyone else here (me included). :D