Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Happy!

Jan 26th 2009. India celebrated its 60th Republic Day, and-

Me n my other half celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary.

9 years of marriage! After 8 years of knowing each other, out of which we courted for 6 years. A total of 16 years that we've been seeing each other around!!

and all I can say, my dear husband, is that we continue to see each other around, for many years more...

That disagreements, spats and fights notwithstanding, the something that bound us together in the first place still continues to hold supreme sway through all the ups and downs. God bless.

One delightful thing about this anniversary was that it was the first time Sonny boy wished us happy 'anniserversary'. A big mouthful, but he got it out in one shot. He got to know about it from my Mom who called, and he wished me first and then when told that it was Acha's happy anniversary too, he wished the Acha too, altho' i could make out he was puzzled at this couple happy thing. So far he only knew of Happy Birthdays and there was only ONE B'day boy or girl.

The Acha bought me a pair of lovely diamond ear studs. And he gets the plasma tv he's been nagging me for months to buy. We aren't all THAT lovey-dovey- he had to be asked to buy me the studs and I had to be conned into getting him the plasma tv.
But anyway, happy anniversary to us!


~nm said...

Belated Anniversary wishes to you!!

It must have been so cute to hear him wishing you :D

Artnavy said...

Happy Anniv!!

Double whammy

Sure you will enjoy the plasma TV as much as the studs!!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Woo.. 16 yeras.. :) Happy Anniversary!! God Bless you !!

Just Like That said...

~Nm: It was. :-)

Art: Am sure I will- if I can get to watch what I like!

Scattered Thoughts: Didn't know it was 16 myself, till I sat down to write. Woo indeed! :-)

DotThoughts said...

Feliz Aniversario!!!! Belted though :)

Suma said...

i counted 9 + 8 and got 17 years, but really why did i bother to do that?

happy happy anniversary....enjoy the years to come...and have a 'sunny girl' soon :D

Sumana said...

Happy anniversary JLT. Wish you manny many more wonderful ones ahead.

Just Like That said...

Doth thoughts: gracias? :-)

Suma: Because you have recently had exams on the brain? :-D Your Math is definitely better than mine, Sonny boy hasn't started his counting yet. :-D Thanks for the wishes, think I will take a rain check on the sunny girl for now:-D

Sumana: Thank you dear! :-)

Mama - Mia said...

Happy anniv! what fun! you guys always get chhutti on anniv! :D

and i think its cool to just ask for what you want rather than guess and get crap! :p



WhatsInAName said...

hey hey I am late as always... but my heartiest wishes to the YOUNg and DAZZLING Couple :)
May you have many many many more studs and plasmas .... and am with Suma on welcoming the sunny girl :P

dipali said...

Wow! Happy happy anniversary! You share it with my parents, who've scored 66 anniversaries this year.
I can imagine your little one wondering about this strange celebration. Enjoy the studs and the TV!

Suma said...

haha...knew you would say that :)

Suma said...

haha...knew you would say that :)

Just Like That said...

Mama mia: Yup, we were delighted with that realisation on our first anniv. :-D

WIAN: he he yeah, soon our silver hairs will be dazzling! (once we stop dyeing it, that is :-P
and I know you'd second Sunny girl. Hey that name is quite catching. IF i have a girl, Sunny Girl she's gonna be, and Suma n you can be godmothers.:-D

Dipali: Awww, Dipali- 66! That's something to be proud of, God bless them!

Suma: :-D

Collection Of Stars said...

Belated anniversary wishes JLT :)
Hope you both enjoyed the gifts you had to ask each other for :)
I guess that's what happens after knowing each other for so long.
I don't get a gift from V even if I ask for one!

Swati said...

Belated Anniversary wishes ..wow ..16 years ..long time :)