Monday, January 12, 2009


Sonny boy's best friend's Dad is taking Sonny boy's best friend out of their school. Because he does not have a job anymore. He was not laid off, he quit owing to issues with his boss.

We met him at school where he had come to take the TC. The school was full of parents who had come for their children's admissions. We ourselves had gone for our nephew's admissions. And he had come to take his son out.

We were good friends and knew that he'd quit his job, so when we saw him we went up to him with smiling faces to say Hi. Which was when he told us he'd come to get his son's TC. I don't know which of us felt worse.

Life takes such difficult turns sometimes.

Sonny boy's best friend, I hope and pray your Nana gets a good job sooooon, my dear.


Scattered Thoughts... said...

there is an old phrase - no body dies virgin, life screws us all!! so true !! tickles to sonny boy to cheer him up :)

WhatsInAName said...

I will pray too :(

Artnavy said...

but then why she he pull him out of school? is it that expensive?

cant the school defer the fees for a couple of months?

Just Like That said...

It is lesser than some of the bigwig schools, but then, :-( they're thinking of moving to Hyd.. and renting/selling their house too...:-((

Mama - Mia said...

oh! thats so sad. i hope he gets a job soon too!