Tuesday, December 29, 2009

on the reads

I LOVED Palace Of Illusions. One of the first times that knowing the end hasn't spoilt the book for me. Actually there was even more of a thrill in knowing that this was-to-come-next, and I was not disappointed by Divakaruni. Awesomely written.

Found Two States so-so. The North-South divide was a tad too exaggerated, I felt. Also I felt that the boy was too much of a mama's boy. Or is it that I am loyal to the South?
I liked Five Point Someone, disliked the Call Centre, liked Three mistakes and didn't find Two States too great. So maybe I might find his next appealing...?

How to Kill your Husband was given to me by a girl friend. And its now being read by my husband. Before I could read it! hmmmmmm......

The Time Travelers's Wife was started by me before I started any of the earleir ones. But- right now, I'm having to make myself read it. The book does not have a grip on me. yet. I know, I know, its supposed to be a wonderful book- not one person I know has said anything not-nice about it. Well, I shall finish it over the weekend. Good way to welcome the year 2010?

And yeah- my 20 M&B's are done. I need to refresh them. But not before I finish TTTW.


Praveen said...

I enjoyed reading Palace Of Illusions too. Do try and read Yuganta and The Pregnant King. I am sure you will love them as well.

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WhatsInAName said...

Even I was unable to grasp TTTW for the first 50 pages or so but later I just cudnt keep it down. So keep hanging. It will get better.
As for 2 states, I found it so-so too. Btw do watch 3 idiots. Since you liked 5PS you will like it for sure.
lol at the gifted book, I saw the book and want to buy it too ;)

WhatsInAName said...


Collection Of Stars said...

Am a big fan of Divakaruni. Am yet to read Palace of illusions though. Can't wait to get my hands on it now after your review.
I loved 2 States mainly since it made me laugh so much :)

Collection Of Stars said...

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year :)

DDmom said...

Wishing you a very happy new year, JLT.

DDmom said...

I have read FPS, going to see 3 idiots on Sunday. Palace of illusions is in hand, waiting to finish 3 cups of tea. Call center I did not like.
Rest, no clue. Though the title How to kill your husband intriguing :)

Noodlehead said...

Happy New Year, JLT! Too bad you can't come to the Sunday meet :( BTW, those hand-painted tees are awesome. I actually thought they came that way :)

D said...

Palace of Illusions is one of my favourite books too. So well written!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

your husband is reading "how to kill your husband" ?? god save the guy. I haven't read a worse book in last 3-4 years I guess.. do you want me to share the climax and save the poor guy from trauma ??

Two states - hmm.. I think Mr. Bhagat is really bad in wrapping up the books.. after first 50-60 pages it starts shattering..

Time travelers' wife is a good read though.. like some one else said.. stay hooked up to it..

you read M&B?? what is it with girls and MB??

Just Like That said...

Praveen: My next Blossom trip will see Pregnant King in my basket. :-)

WIAN: :-) might see 3 Idiots this weekend. Happy New Year to all 4 of you too sweetie!

CoS: Happy New Year to you guys too! How come you miseed the blog meet?

DDMom: Happy New Year! Missed seeing you and the girls :-(

Noodlehead: Happy New year to you too! and thanks for the comliment! :-D

D: Very. Happy New YEar

ST: I still haven't read it. Guess I'm not that desperate to kill him ;-) M&B's are awesome! Like popcorn. You don't go out to buy it, but once you have it in your hand , its impossible to resist, and you can go on, until you feel sick! :-D and you have to desist for a while.