Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Book Paradise!

Went Blossom hunting last week.
With the result that I have at my disposal now-

The Time Traveler's Wife

Agatha Christie Omnibus.

Two States.

The Evening News

and some 15 M&Bs!

All waiting my pleasure.
Life can sometimes be blissful even amid the chaos.


Praveen said...

I went to Blossoms today!

Picked up the only old copy of The Suitable Boy left there (Yes I am a late latif) and The Pregnant King.

D said...

Have been wanting to read The Time Traveller's Wife for a really long time now!

WhatsInAName said...

TTTW is awesome. you will love it..

Just Like That said...

Praveen: !!!! To think that we might almost have met!! I keep popping in , maybe we WILL meet one of these days. :-) Have read neither of the books you mentioned. Am an even later Latif!!

D: Have got it now- if you were in Blr, could have lent it to you. :-)

Wian: I better like it- I bought it after your post. :-)

Praveen said...

Jushhht miss aayallo!!!!!

Sue said...

I want to go to Bloooooossoms.

*bursts into tears*

Monika said...

oh u reminded me of blossoms... i have to go there NOW

and time travellers wife a brilliant book

Just Like That said...

Praveen: :-)

Sue: There, there.... don't you have a guy in Cal you posted on sometime back..? Visit him for now... there! *mops up the tears*

Monika: You know, so many people are saying so many nice things about the book, am afraid I'll find it wanting when I finally do get down to reading it!!

Mama - Mia said...

i wanna go to blossoms too! soon!! the last stuff i bought - Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry and coupla other books are done with!

i need to find a good library i tell ya!


Praveen said...

Chennai is way better than Bangalore if one wants to go book hunting. There are soooo many roadside and foothpath stalls (Near Bata showroom at Mount road, Moor Market, Triplicane, Burma Bazaar), where the vendor has no clue about the worth of the book or the value of its content.
You would get most classics at a throw away price. I have found some "out of print" books there.

Wish Bangalore had such places. Here bibliophiles have only one choice-Blossoms.