Tuesday, March 2, 2010

random laughs.

The last time my Mom was coming over, Sonny boy tom-tommed all over that his grandmother was coming to be with him.

Grandmoms being a favourite species with young kids, the day she arrived, in the evening, Sonny boy's best friend A,a Tamilian boy, came eagerly knocking.

"Sonny boy, where's your paati? Show me your paati".

Sonny boy collapsed in gales of shocked laughter.

"Amma!", he shrieked between the laughs. A's telling me bad things, he's asking me where's my POTTY!!!! and he rolled his eyes at me, guffawing.

An affronted A told me, "Sonny boy's being a very bad boy. He's not showing me his paati".

Sonny boy literally rolled on the floor laughing!!!

Amma hid her grin from the nonplussed A and explained to Sonny boy that Paati meant Ammamma in Tamil. Sonny boy finally got it, but it can still send him off into peals of mirth.


Monika said...

ha ha ha this is too good I say

Suma said...

lol :)

i bet you joined sonny boy :)

MindfulMeanderer said...

i just love the way kids laugh - its unrestrained... i had a smile throughout when i read this. :)

Mystic Margarita said...

Lol! This post has me in splits!

Just Like That said...

Monika, Suma, MM, Mystic, : :-D it was soooo funny! I had a hard time controlling my grin, only because A was already miffed. It would have been too much for him to see Sonny boy's Mom also rofling. Sonny boy esp was in splits because of the potty angle. Anything to do with potty/susu anyways leads to merriment, god knows why *rolls her eyes*

MM: I agree. They put their heart and soul and body into their laughs. :-D

Suma: I ROFLd later with the paati. :-D

Scattered Thoughts... said...


Usha said...

heheheh. And tell him to be careful when he says Uchey to a kannada kid. hehehe

WhatsInAName said...

Ha ha what an innocent stage.

megha said...

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