Tuesday, March 9, 2010

we're getting on in life...

For long, it had been one of Sonny boy's ardent desires to get one.
A had it, C had it, J P and M had it and S had two! Only he hadn't.

Every day in the school bus, those who had would flaunt it and leave Sonny boy longing for one of his own. It put him in the same league as the big boys.
When would he get one? he used to ask.
An impatient Amma would shoo him off, saying that he was better off as he was, and didn't he have anything better to yearn after.
A doting Acha would say, I think what you have is so much better than A, C, J,P M And S.

Finally this month- his B'day month, when he turned all of 6 yrs old, his parents thought it was getting time for him also to get the longed-for-thing.

Two weeks back, he got a hint that it was on its way.

Every day would be spent in checking if it was time yet for him to get it.

Finally last night, he got it.

His precious gap tooth.

Yes, Sonny boy's milk tooth is out! The bottom right one.

He pulled it out himself in the end. With help from the Acha.

Yesterday was when he came to me delightedly saying, "Amma, look my tooth is REALLY loose." And sure enough, it was hanging on by its last root. It was really delightful to see the tooth jutting out when he pushed with his tongue. The Acha and Amma were thrilled that Sonny boy was finally going to have it off. Was becoming a big boy, in Sonny boy's words.

The Amma kept up the encouragement from a distance. The Acha was all for yanking it out. He sat with Sonny boy on the stairs, on the first step giving little nudges to the tooth.
As matters progressed, Sony boy reached upto the fifth step.

Sonny boy was in a frenzy of delight that his tooth was finally going to come off. But he hadn't expected the pain!
Amma, its paining! he said in between excited grins and offended glares at the Acha.
No gain without pain, sternly quoted the Amma who knew the Acha's fingers were itching to do the job. Pull it up yourself, till you feel the pain and then yank!

Finally seated on the fifth step, with said tooth on its last legs, Sonny boy gave a pull himself and OUT it came!

Yay!!! Time for delighted smiles all around. No matter that one was a little bloody.

The Acha and Amma are gung ho that it came out sans any tears. Given that the Acha remembers his first was certainly not a happy experience (am sure that means that he brought the house down)and the Amma remembers howling her head off when her Mom pulled out her first loose tooth (as well as the adjacent tooth, no kidding!)

And yet, the Amma can't help feeling a little sad that her little guy is growing up. Don't grow too fast, son.

Oh! and the tooth fairy gave Sonny boy a Dairy milk and a coin.


starry eyed said...

Congrats! Looks like the Tooth Fairy will be having lotsa visits to Sonny boys pillow :)

Suma said...

JLT, I can sooooo relate to this...Swrn's first tooth came out whne we moved here to Dubai, almost close to his 7th birthday,

Congrats Sonny boy, you are soon gonna overwork the tooth fairy :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Brought back the memories of childhood :D

However, I still remember I was not the happiest one with loosing them. Just the sheer idea of those gaps used to make me nervous :)

WhatsInAName said...

Snaps please. :) kids look so cute with that gap tooth. More than the break, I used to enjoy the sudden airy feeling you get as if a window was just opened he he

artnavy said...

so cute
cant wait to see u all

Just Like That said...

Starry: Yeah, the adjacent one too is a little doddery already. :-)

Suma: :-D I don't know what it is with these guys!

Scattered: Yeah, me too- that's why I kept up the encouragement from a distance. I wanted no hand in the blood bath. But ultimately it all turned out to be a relatively peaceful affair. :-)

Wian: It was so funny. He was on the phone relating the whole thing to his Ammamma when suddenly that gaptoothed lisp escaped him. he himself was so suprised and repeated the word once again to feel it.. . :-D will post soon.

Art: :-D ditto.

Rohini said...

Wow. That number one on the big boy milestones :)

Niv said...

so cute!
I kept reading thinking it was going to be a cycle or some such thing, was so pleasantly surprised, when it turned out to be a tooth!

Mama - Mia said...

sonny boy is a vevy brave boy!! :)

i remember we used to call kids with one broken tooth Gateway of India and if two next to each other were gone they were called India Gate! ;)