Thursday, April 1, 2010

what is it that You have in store???

In hindsight, I truly believe that God knows what's best for us.

In my previous company , there was a time when I was bored to pieces and depressed, because everybody but me seemed to be so busy...
I felt so ashamed of sitting jobless that I turned to the internet and started reading blogs at random. (at least people passing by would assume that I had SOMEthing to do and I wouldn't be seen twiddling my thumbs). I really enjoyed a few that I read, and felt inspired to start one of my own...

And now, thinking back, I realise what a blessing in disguise that job'lessness' was.. for it opened the world of blogging to me, with ALL that it had to offer. And I thank God from the bottom of my heart for that period in my life.

And now, I am totally utterly bugged with my current job.
I try to compare this frustration with my previous company's frustration and wonder which was/is worse.
There, I had nothing to do and my 'boss' was barely tolerable.
Here, I have plenty to do, but my 'boss' is so totally intolerable.

How on earth do I get into these situations at work? Right now, its like I have a Demntor in office- the joy is so totally GONE. I find no joy in doing a good job, cos ultimately the asshole gets credit for it, and I'm so bugged with the unfairness of it.

And I wonder when can I MOVE , O God? To a different job- any job, so long as I can quit this one.
Its fast reaching a stage where I don't care if I have another one lined up either. Because I'm damned if I 'll let HIM preen around as if he's motivated me to do whatever

Soon, God, please.

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Hip Grandma said...

Do you believe in luck? If you do then Best of luck to you. But personally I think that your story is that of so many others. The boss taking credit is the usual thing. The boss who doesn't is the rare specimen. cheer up. Time moves and this too shall pass.