Monday, June 7, 2010

its a new school year...

I didn't think much of the kindergarten graduation thingie conducted by his school earlier this year. Thought it was making too much of a progression that was only natural. Not exactly a mountain out of a molehill, but close to it.

But today when my baby was all dressed to go to first standard, I realised suddenly that it was indeed a big deal. He's no more a baby now, he's a boy! It IS a mountain!

He was still as thrilled (if not more) about his Ben 10 undies as his new school uniform.
He informed me solemnly that the elastic band of his tie had to go "UNDER the collar, Amma."
New uniform, new Cars bag, new Cars lunch box, new Cars water bottle... Cars seems to be new Ben10, if you get me. Tho' I can't understand why it suddenly seems to have found favour...
Trinity gave the new white Reebok shoes an assessing glance, but then decided not to push her luck.

And the books- phew- don't get me started on the books.
English and Math and Hindi and EVS and Computers and Moral Studies and Art and...this and that ...
I turned a deaf year to my Mom's well meaning advice on getting a tuition teacher for him all of the last year. I didn't want anybody else shoving their ideas of academics down my son's throat.
But this year, am forced to the conclusion that a tuition teacher just might be a solution for all of us. Or I have to quit my job. Teaching my son everything in just 1 hr - which is what I have left of the day after I reach home- is just not feasible.

And Sonny boy is fast growing up.
Just prior to school opening day, this weekend we were brushing up his writing skills and I was giving him dictation with this sentence-
His mother gave him a sock.
after writing h-i-s, up piped a voice- Amma, can I write Mom for mother??

The Amma gave the Acha a speaking look and told the son- MOTHER. not mom.

And yet, he remains a little boy.
While I was putting his folder inside his bag, he told me , Amma, it is called a folder because you have to FOLD it and put it inside the bag.
LOL. The last year, his bag had been a small bag and the folder had to be folded to get inside his bag. So.

I guess this is how the year will progress- a little big with a little small.

God bless that the year is a fruitful one. That above all else- career, housework, wife... I am a good mother to Sonny boy. Right now, that takes priority.


MindfulMeanderer said...

1st day of school (jr kg in Lil p's case) at our household too. :)
Hope this year brings u n sonny boy much joy.

Mama - Mia said...

all the best for sonny boy's new year!! hugs!

WhatsInAName said...

Another milestone!
Hugs to the big boy and small MOM ;) he will shine, the sunny way!

Monika said...

awwww tight hugs for the big sonny boy

starry eyed said...

Our little fellow has a new Cars bag too...I finally gave in and bought them branded items. *waves goodbye to principles flying out the window*

So how did it go...MOM!!?

Just Like That said...

MM: :-) Hugs to the li'l jr kg guy! They grow up too soon, these babies. :-(

Mama-Mia- Thanks and hugs to you too.

WIAN, Monika: :-)

Starry: :-) no principles on bags here. But this year a resolution has been made to restrict toys. In the hope that it will impart a value for stuff (and money). Remains to be seen whether Mommy can stick to it for long enough without giving in to Sonny's pleas. "Pleeeeeeeeeaaaase....." aaargh!