Thursday, June 24, 2010

to gym or to shake.

Knew that I'd been bloating up over the years, when my trousers went from a 30 to a 32, to a 34 waist size. My waist is still a waist, but I need 34 to lug the damn thing over my hips. Its the one place where I can claim to look like Sreedevi!

Have been meaning to exercise, but.
Morning walks are out, cos I'm too lazy to get up. 6.30 is early enough for me, thank you.
Evening walks are out, cos I'd still be stuck to my desk/client's desk in the evenings.
Nightly walks are out, cos the mad dog wants to pause here and there and everywhere to sniff. So its a nice (for her more than for me) stroll rather than an energetic swinging walk.
If I were that focussed a person as to drop her back and then come down again for my exercisewalk, I would never have gotten into the shape I am now in.

But then, my husband offered me an alternate career option.
A belly dancer.
He said I'd give all of 'em a run for their money.

I can either divorce him.
Or join a gym.

He's been at me to join one for ages now.
But knowing me, I'm afraid it'll be good money gone down the drain.
Pliss to advise, bloggy friends.


R's Mom said...

oh God I can so so just copy paste this post onto my blog!!! Leave out the dog portion and the belly dancer of course....hehehe :) hubby wouldnt dare suggest that to me ;)
Weight seems so impossible and even I have moved from 30 to 34 :(:( any advice you get, please pass on to me...and of course..I will keep reading the comments here :)

sher khan said...

hey do it :-) just get up and do it! i finally picked up my lazy bum and started going to my office gym 4 mths back. happy to say, i've lost 4 kgs and a lot of my old clothes fit beautifully now.
also, i read the book"dont lose your mind, lose your weight!" its really really good. most of wat is said in the book makes sense. rather thank thinking of losing

newmumontheblock said...

Oh the story of my life! After various attempts-at-fitness disasters I've finally given up on all my new fangled ideas and am going back to the gym. Give it a shot, you might like it.

Gauri said...

Just Gym Gym Just Gym !!!!!! Exactly where does the question of a choice come in here ???

Preeti said...

Lets do a deal, JLT- you and I spend half an hour at the gym at the time you choose... early morning or late evening. It helps to exercise with a partner and God Knows the partner needs a lot of exercise too :-) it helps if the gym is a hop, skip and jump away from our respective buildings.

Just Like That said...

R's Mom: :-D sistaah!

Sher Khan: 4 huh? hmmmmm.... Self help books are not for me. Need someone else to motivate and prefereably help me too ;-) am seriously thnking of the gym......

newmumontheblock: you think so? I hope so too...

Gauri: :-D

Preeti: when I saw your status on Fb, was thinking it would be nice... But then, for us to do that, I have to first visit you. lets meet this weekend!

WhatsInAName said...

Liar liar pants on fire :p
You CANNOT be 34 inch waist. No way am I believing you !

Swati said...

JLT actually look prettier now ..believe it or not :)

And gymming with Preeti is great idea , that way you would have each other to motivate :)

Just Like That said...

WIAN: its been 2 yrs now since you and I saw each other... the years have been very kind to my waistline :-P

Swati: Ah! Hugs, sweetie! This is why a friend is a friend is a friend :-D I know, we should get down to it.

Just Like That said...
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Preeti said...

Monday onwards? what time? are you around this weekend?