Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sonny mornings

6.30- 6.45 am :
At 6.30 Amma gets up with a call to Acha and son to rise and shine. And she and Ms. Doggy go down to get the kitches fires burning.
Acha alternately snoozes and jogs Sonny boy, and after much playful cajoling, at 6.45, carries a sleepy eyed Sonny boy downstairs.

by 7Am:
Sonny boy does an amazing job of brushing his teeth, and washing his face, managing to keep the sleepiness in his eyes perfectly intact!

by 7.15 am:
The milk gets down Sonny boy’s gullet with first encouragement, and then dire threats from Acha and Amma.
Ms. Doggy looks up grinningly, and thumps her tail on the ground near Sonny boy’s feet as if to say that if it was left to her, the milk would be getting digested in her stomach by now.

7.15- 7.25 am:
Sonny boy day dreams on top of the toilet seat.
When irate Amma pops her head in at 7.20, he relates that potty 1 ,2 and 3 have come, but kutty potty 4 is in his stomach, and had not been wanting to come out, but that he’s making it come out NOWW.
Amma screams at him that he better be up and pouring water over him NOWWWWW.

7.30- 7.35:
A prancing Sonny boy is brought out after a bath in relatively cold water. His scrawny limbs are anointed with moisturiser by Amma, while, simultaneously, the Acha shovels food into his mouth.
Ms. Doggy is once again nearby with wagging tail and quivering nose and eyes that devotedly follow every movement of the spoon- from plate through the air, to sonny boy’s mouth. There are many fallen morsels between plate and spoon and mouth and Ms. Doggy delightedly awaits these morsels.
In between screaming at the son to eat and at the dog to get out of the way, Sonny boy gets dressed.

735- 7.40:
Sonny boy makes his little prayers to God. Depending on the day and the mood this varies between a quick Hi and Bye, and an intense mumbling session for whatever little graces he wants for the day.
By now, the Acha is shouting that the bus has come, that neighbouring 9 yr old is leaving, that neighbouring 14 yr old is also leaving, what on EARTH is he doing still in the house??
Sonny boy still has his mouth full of breakfast that he’s trying to finish. Ms. Doggy has a sharp eye out for handouts and Amma has a sharper eye (and hand) out for selfsame handouts.
Finally he’s out of the house!

Amma, Ammamma and L Ammamma stand on the balcony to wave to Sonny boy who is being taken down in the lift by the Acha. And there comes a shout- Handkerchief!!!!! Amma runs back for the hanky which can NEVER be found when in need and finally after much huffing and puffing throws it down to the Acha and son. Acha deftly catches the deftly thrown hanky and gives it to Sonny boy. Hanky in pocket, Sonny boy goes off jauntily to school.

All adults retire for a few minutes of well-earned rest.


R's Mom said...

hehehehe! Sonny boy is so like me when I was a kid :) My mom used to have a terrible time getting me and bro ready for school before she left at 6.45 :)

dipali said...

Exhausting! I only have the waking up bit on Monday mornings when the kid goes to college for the week, but given that he is an avtaar of Kumbhkarna, it's tough enough!

BangaloreMom said...

Yeeeahhhh....it is like reading an Action Replay of what happens at home every morning....except in this house, acha is travelling so often it is left to amma and ammamma to deal with the morning madness....and oh, in case you had'nt guessed, lil princess more than makes up for the dog :)

Sumana said...

Can relate to it totally. Just the case, it is double the effort with 2 kids in tow. But then 1 or 2 does not matter when you are running like PT Usha every morning.

Gayatri said...

- With you all the way :)
- But Acha just does the 'dropping at school' job :b