Friday, July 8, 2011

Leavin on a jet plane

After a couple of long drives where we've been listening to old English medleys and letting the lovely music fill up the car, Sonny boy's become a real fan of John Denver (his fave song is Country Roads). So this evening, when I returned slightly early from office and caught a moment with him together, alone, I thought I'd broaden his exposure to Denver. Played Leaving on a Jet Plane on my laptop. Him on my lap, we listened in peace, letting the words flow over us. At the end he saw some comment about John Denver having died on a plane himself.

I told him that John Denver sang this song, and later, much later, he died in a plane crash. And I told him that he sang this song for the girlfriend who the soldier was leaving behind.

He mulled a little on it, and then asked hopefully-

Did the girl die too, on the plane?

And if that isn't a tribute to you, John Denver, I don't know what is.:-)


sher khan said...

cute :-) I love John Denver too.. leaving on a jet plane has been one of our constant lullabies:-)

R's Mom said...

oh roads was what my dad sang to us as lullabies :) There you go Sher Khan..someone like you :)

Hugs to sonny boy

PS Hope you are doing well JLT..long time since I saw you on the blogosphere

Just Like That said...

Sher Khan, R's Mom: his words go straight to yout heart, don;t they? :-)

R'Mom: Am fine, re.:-) A bit rushed at work, otherwise fine!

BangaloreMom said...

Oh, I love that song too! I really do!! And what a poignant statement the little guy made....sometimes I marvel at the sensitivity of our kids.

Tagged you btw..

Uma said...

One of my favs...

and this kid thinks a lot!