Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not Flower Power after all.

So the other day during our family walk, I'd eyed some flowering plants growing by the wayside.... on our way back, we stopped by those plants and I snapped off two plants for chez moi. I had Tee's leash in one hand, and a stick in the other, so I thought Sonny boy's bicycle would come in handy to transport the flowers without much damage to them in case of a flurry with Tee and other wayside dogs.

I managed to stick the plants with those attractive light pink flowers into a crevice in front of Sonny boy's cycle and regarded it proudly as it waved gently in the breeze. And then looked upwards to my son who had his arms crossed and was looking totally affronted.

"Wha- what's the matter now?" I asked?

"Amma!!" he fumed. "Amma, you're making my cycle look like a girl's cycle with those flowers and all that!!!"


tanmoy porel said...

Love your blog...Just nominated you for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD::


Just Like That said...

Hey! Thank you so much! And your blog name is just too much!! :-D

dipali said...

Classic boy's response!

Anne said...

Haha! Kids! They always come up with the most unexpected comment!

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Gunjan said...

ultimate blog name..i love this..http://allcaretips.blogspot.com/

Minal said...

Kids- they grow up so soon:) And, from where do they get these gender specific cliches?