Thursday, September 22, 2011

Perks of a sales job.

There are days when I love my job. Like today, when after a longish meeting, had to send another proposal urgently, before I could reach back to either office or home. So thought I'd step into a CCD to send the mail off.

Saw one attached to an Odyssey store, went in and sent my proposal. And then browsed. And bought
- 3 books of Gerald Durrel
- 1 book on Boxers.

You see, Odyssey had been having a sale. The Durrel was at 25% off each, and the Boxer was a coffee table kind of book that was at 80% off. A steal, I tell you.
Am delighted with my day.

The proposal being taken up would be the icing on the cake. Fingers crossed. Send up a prayer for me, good peoples.

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Sunita said...

Sending prayers up for you. Start counting