Monday, May 28, 2007

The achiever

Well Well....

Have mentioned my nephew earlier in my posts- the one who came to B'lore for a vacation post his 10th and was treated to an overdose of temples with grandmom and aunt in tow!

His results are out, and yyyyyyaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!! he has scored 82%!

Now some of you might be wondering what on earth there is to get so upbeat about this- after all, it isn't as if he's scored 99%.
But I AM thrilled, cos this is one family member who was pecked at by nearly all other family members. For his academics and otherwise. And he's been a sweetheart through it all. Not really snapping at all, like so many other obnoxious teenagers. And he's never put on airs like some of his cousins! And yet he's scored more than them all. Inspite of not ever being considered on par with them on the academics front.

Am all the more thrilled for my sister, who can now show everybody that her efforts (at keeping his poor nose to the grindstone 24 hours a day, 30 days a month, for some 3-4 months!!) did not go down the drain. Who can now relax for all those days that she sat with her nose next to his on that grindstone. (I just hope she lets up from now on at least- that grindstone just couldn't take another year of two noses)

My dear nephew (yes, he's my only one) has scored in the eighties in English, Malayalam, Maths and Social Studies, but only in his seventies in Science.

He was confident he would get an overall score of 84%, he fared worse than he expected in science, and he's a little bit down because of the less than 80 in that subject. But we're all very proud of him! Very very proud.

And we hope he continues to be the unassuming, cheerful, loving, generous,(with his heart, not with his pocket money- the little Scrooge!) lazy, irresponsible, driving-us-up-the-wall, music-mad (of the wrong kind) little grown-up kid he is.

And yes, we've told him he owes his thanks to all the gods and godesses he's visited just days before his results were published.

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