Thursday, May 3, 2007

When 5 is better than 6

Have decided I want to move out of my current job for various reasons, the most pressing one being that it is boring and does nothing for me. If I am leaving my baby at home for the better part of the day and working, then it better be because it adds something to my life. Quality wise and not just money wise.

So, have been getting various offers from various quarters- some nice, some not so nice. Some that I like , some that don't like me. Some a step up the ladder, some a step down and some several steps down. Some in my field, some in others (greener?)

But till now, not a single one that has the weekend off, like I have been used to.

I wouldn't have minded if I didn't have my little son waiting for me at home. Who runs into my arms with the force of a little tornado the minute he sees me. Who follows me about like a shadow on the weekends when he has me all to himself. Whose expression when he says 'today no office, Amma?' tugs at my heartstrings. And I tell him, 'no baby, Amma has office today, but Sat and Sun, Amma has no office.'

Looks like I will have to teach him new lessons. That Sundays are the only days he will have his Amma all to himself. That all other 6 days of the week, he will have to put up with our new maid, (who incidentally is not a scratch on our old.)

If only the dear Gods and Goddesses Agastya prays to would send his Amma a job offer from a 5-day week following company... Sigh!


Lavs said...

Do not give up hope. Keep searching for 5day-a week company. I am sure you would find a better job soon. All the best.

Usha said...

Look at it this way - does a six day week job allow you to get back early each day to spend a little more time with Agastya. Then I'd say it is better than a 5 day job.

Just like that said...

Lavs, Thanks, am keeping my fingers crossed.

Just like that said...

Usha, Hmmmmpppphhhhh!!!!!! I have as much hope of that as of an ice cream not melting in hell!

WhatsInAName said...

When you are feeling blue
All you have to do


Just like that said...

WIN, I did indeed think of you before writing this!

Swati said...

Hey will always have dilemma ..i am in the same job no longer adds value to my career but then i am still sticking here for the same reason , weekend off and no late night work. True , money is not all , but that would bring value to our kids future. We just cannot ignore that also.

And yes , about me your blog from Mad Momma and have been a silent reader.

The Mad Momma said...

hey..pray hard.. mabe god will give amma a 4 day work week!

Just like that said...

Swati, thanks for dropping in.
I know, my job provides money for jam on the bread.. only there's no time to spread the jam on for my son. Sigh!

MadMomma, am delighted to see you here. Wish wish wish....!