Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well well, have been tagged by Poppins and now I have to think of 8 things about me that you guys/gals don't know about.

1. I'm revoltingly scared of worms, of all hues, all sizes, furry ones, smooth ones, legged ones, non-legged ones, YUCK! one and all, they are absolutely disgusting!

2. I am not scared of snakes the way I'm scared of worms. Now what would Freud make of me, I wonder?

3. I could sometimes cheerfully strangle my husband (whom I married after i fell in love with him, yes!) when he surfs upto 20 channels in a sec, which is what he does all the time, pls believe me!

4. I can get so pissed with a person my fingers would shake with the emotion, and still manage to smile at them sweetly.

5. When I'm really really angry with my husband, tears spring to my eyes- its so irritating, he thinks he's upset me whereas I'm just MAD!

6. I can keep a secret, even if I'm dying to discuss it.

7. Am very very lacking on self-confidence. Truly. I could probably let people walk all over me and yet think that I was not accomodating enough. And then I can rave and rant at my husband that people are walking all over me. And make up dialogues in my mind to whittle that person/persons down to size.

8. I am a sucker for someone who requests my help, will genuinely help out even the person who backstabbed me, if he asks me for help.

Thank you, Poppin's Mom, I enjoyed doing that!
Now, I tag Whatsinaname and Agelessbonding... all the others I read already have tags attached to them...


Coffeerocks said...

Are you the twin my mom gave away?
I can't believe EVERY single thing you've mentioned..I do it's bizarre!


Poppins said...

Thanks for taking it up ! Ditto on 1,2. But am in amazement about 4,5 and 6. I could NEVER do that !

Just like that said...

Coffeerocks-Well, kinda sure I don't have a twin, but there are supposed to be 7 people exactly similar in the whole wide world! Would love to know you better, but how do I do that- your profile is not available....?? :-(

Poppins- Oh, I can absolutely seethe inside, but am kind of non-confrontational, except with the persons I absolutely consider my own. Am with Madmomma on this- don't consider them worth the trouble to altercate with them, but that doesn't cease to make me gnash my teeth later! If I do confront, then there's no staying on or going back, so I keep my mouth shut, esp in family/office situations.

Coffeerocks said...

Hey..sorry I dont have a blog. I prefer hopping around to sitting down and putting my thoughts together. :)

Swati said...

Hey..You are a wonderful person...I must say. I can never do what you do. BTW even I did the 8 things ...Go checkout.

Sunita said...

on 1 & 2: I have killed snakes in my neighbourhood when I was just 14. 3: I have managed to piss off my husband badly to the extent that he has totally abandoned it :) and I am not very sorry since he would never watch never let anyone watch too with the constant jabbering of the remote.

It was fun doing it. I really had to scratch a few grey cells

Just like that said...

Swati- am with you on the short tempered and intuitive bit. And am glad at least one person has certified me wonderful;-) Keep visiting and complimenting!

Sunita- I can be quite fascinating and spellbound by a snake, but I can't even watch the HSBC ad on the green caterpillar, find them that disgusting and revolting.

Good for you on the bit of remote controlling!

Moppet's Mom said...

Interesting list!

I get tears when I'm really angry too - and it makes me even angrier because people think I'm upset. So when I'm really, really angry I have to walk away, and come back to fight it out when I've got the tears under control! :-)

Just like that said...

Moppet's Mom- Hey, precisely! Tho' only my husband has this knack of riling me to tears1 ;-)

Uma said...

totally with u on 6,7 and 8...