Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fibs, white lies and great gaping untruths.

Sigh! Sonny boy now tells lies at the drop of a question! Almost every day now, there's something or the other that he makes a story about.... he almost never replies to a question with a straightforward answer.

And he weaves his stories such, that I'm torn between admiration at his elaborate creativity and wanting to whack him for his made-up stories.

Sample this-

"What did you do in school today, Sonny boy?"
"Amma, today you know, A (in his class and a much heard name in our house) you know, hurt me."
"Why sweetie, what happened? what did he do?"
"He pushed me and I fell down and then he pushed the bench on my stomach..."

Now which mother could remain unconcerned on hearing all this? and not once or twice, but almost every day the same refrain would go on....

So the responsible parents went off to his teacher wanting to get to the root of the problem.
Only to gape in turn when she gaped at us and told us that A and Sonny boy were the best of friends.

Now they could be harmless fibs, but then, I'm getting worried at the total panache with which he spins his stories and sometimes he tells actual lies too, to get out of a sticky spot, for which I've scolded him, made him stand in a corner, beat him, and the ULTIMATE- told him that God is gonna punish him one day soon for being such a bad boy.

But to no avail. He continues his merry creativity.

I don't know whether I'm unnecessarily getting paranoid about it. But I DO wish he would stop lying to get out of being scolded. I'm at my wits' end to make him understand that it is better to listen to a scolding rather than tell lies to get out of one.

If this is a phase all 5 year old boys go through, I sure hope this phase ends sooooon. Sigh! Any similar situations out there in the blogosphere, people?


Vidooshak said...

To read about what's to come equally scares me and makes me come back to your blog. Cubby is just 18 months old and already shows signs of creativity; like he knows how we rush to fetch his potty soon as he utters the words "paaaa-teeee". So he more often than not utters paaateeee just to see us scramble, followed by a wicked WICKED grin. On an 18 month old face!!!

Anyway, I am sure this is just a phase. Less scolding and more disapproval may be a strategy in the short run. I am trying that and yet unsure of the success. On the bright side, most of these lying, scheming, fighting dudes from my class back in school are faring way better than me in LIFE today!


Is he enjoying school otherwise? Does he look forward to going? I used to hate school... wonder how Cubby will react....

~nm said...

Anirudh will company to Sonny boy and I shall give company to you :D

Anirudh started this almost a year ago but after 1 or 2 incidents I figured out how to elicit the truth.

So when he says something and I can smell something fishy, I look him in his eyes and ask "Aap sach bol rahe ho?" And then looking at his expressions its so easy to catch him :D

Mama - Mia said...

oh well am sure we all did bit of harmless lying as kids too! i did! ad did well upto college to meet M without them knowing! :p

but othawise was a gooood kid! i swear!!

am sure its just a phase!! baaki the husband as always says everything i would like to! :p



WhatsInAName said...

well well, most kids do that to escape punishment. I really dont know whats the solution but yeah, maybe if you just ignore it for a while, he may get rid of this habit, i.e. if its become a habit. I really dont think its something for you to worry about.

Suma said...

if its any consolation to you, i was a great fibber, of the harmless kind! (the keyword here is 'was', just saying.)

punishing will not get you anywhere...tell him that you know he's lied and say that you are sad...cross check when he accuses someone just so that you ae noty left with egg on your face...and leave it at that...keep reiterating the fact that if he owns up, he will not get scolded...because he's been brave enough to tell teh truth...

don't expect results overnite

he's small and the way i look at it, he'll outgrow it...just like i did...

you said
"But I DO wish he would stop lying to get out of being scolded"

that's exactly why he's lying..its a cycle...

more pointers, email me...and don't worry!!!


Just Like That said...

All: Well, I was far from being Rani Harishchandri myself, but methinks I didn't begin so early....:-P which is why I was wondering... isn't 5 a little too young to start inventing stories to get out of punishments?

~Nm: yeah a soul searching look can and DOES work wonders :-D Hugs to my companion.

M n Mama Mia: I try to not scold him for little misdemeanors, so that he will not lie to get out of being scolded, but its difficult sometimes, am very short tempered.
and M, I agree with you on all those crooked guys/girls getting far ahead in life :-D you think prob I should give Sonny boy some coaching in how to tell what lies?

Suma, WIAN: There speak the mothers of two. I shall go by your wise words. :-D

Vidooshak said...

Oh absolutely. The faster he learns to call mismanagement as restructuring, pilferage as bailout and slumdogs as millionaires the easier his life will become. I am quite sure Sonny boy will be leading the next financial scam in 20 years! Then he will take home $1 Billion compensation after saying sorry and you all will enjoy a Pina Colada in Seychelles ;-)