Thursday, February 19, 2009

something fishy!

The last two weeks, the Acha n Amma have been markedly displaying traits of the ancestors. The apes, I mean.
Except that instead of lice, we've been most occupied in locating boils/pimples/spots on each other.

The other night, while getting ready for bed, the Acha said,
"You think I'll be the first to get it? See, I have one on my head. Feel it..."
And the Amma obliged. Only to pooh-pooh it away as a heat boil.

And then said to the Acha, "I have one above my eyebrow.See..."
And I put my face closer.
At any sign of intimacy, as usual, one 5 yr old, very effective contraceptive inserted his head in between ours. He stared at my pimple, and said sadly,
"yeah, I can see it. I think its the fish pox!"


Suma said...

HAHAHAHA....he found something fishy there didn't he?

hugs, sonny boy dear, for not chickening out ...


udtahaathi said...

5 years ol's are not contraceptives. They are just anti-aphrodisiac. However, double knots/ difficult hooks are very effective contraceptives.


ps: Please activate open ID to allow wordpress bloggers like me to comment.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Just in time.. I will say :)

WhatsInAName said...

lolol... cute post and hilarious comments by Suma and UH :)

Kids are born to control you for sure lol! Hope fishes have stopped swiiming on your face :P

Vidooshak said...

ROFL @effective contraceptives. Actually, why am I laughing?

Sumana said...

LOL at the sonny boy.

Swati said... smell as soon as it gets fishy :)

Loved uh comment :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Been here first time...liked your stuff

Mama - Mia said...


fish pox! and all the fishy and chickening puns already atken up! drat! hope both of you happy to count ecah others boils now?! sigh!

get well soon!


udtahaathi said...

I tagged you here-