Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Holiday plans- bigtime!

Sonny boy brought back all his activity books ( which have been kept at school till now) yesterday, saying his teacher had said that he could keep them at home from now on. Realization dawned on the parents- summer vacation was round the corner!

Acha: "Sonny boy, you're going to have a looooooong holiday. Where do you want to go? Switzerland?"
(this was just because on Sun, we'd had a newly married cousin to lunch- whose husband is in Switzerland, and the place had been talked about)
Sonny boy: *shaking his head* "uhuh"

Acha: "Singapore?"
Sonny boy: "uhuh" *an eager, expectant twinkle dawning in his eyes*

Acha: *sensing that Sonny boy had someplace in mind* "Where, Sonny boy?"
Sonny boy: *draws an M on the table and looks up eagerly at Acha*

Acha: M? Which place is that? *looks at Amma for a clue.* Amma too draws a blank.
Sonny boy: *the twinkle growing brighter* *draws a D too on the table*

Acha: M...D...??????
Sonny Boy: :*the stars spilling out of his eyes*Mac Donald's Acha! MAC!!!


~nm said...

Hahahaha! Too cute.

We people have become way too materialistic to see the simple pleasures in life :)

Suma said...


that is indeed a simply wonderful place to go to...

Swati said...

So sweet , such a cutie pie he is!

So you guys having vacation plans ..all the best

Artnavy said...


WhatsInAName said...

Chinna Chinna Aasai! Hope this innocence lasts for a long long time :) Hes a sweetheart!

Just Like That said...

~Nm: Truly :-)

Suma: Especially if you are 30 yrs younger.

Swati: No vacation plans. :-( After 2 weeks off due to chicken pox, if I ask for leave, my boss is going to send me packing!
But Mac plans definitely ON :-D

Art: :-)

WIAN: the little pleasures of life indeed! if only we could have stayed that way... :-)

Mama - Mia said...

give him one MORE burger from me, will ya?! :D

Scattered Thoughts... said...

sweet!! .. look at the world from the kid's eyes and every thing will be so simple.. no complications at all.. no ?