Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the stronger sex???

I was going back to office after a long two weeks of being a lie-at-home-mother, and Sonny boy wasn't taking too kindly to it.
He had grown to expect me to be there to feed him or at least watch his Ammamma feed him, to be there to tell him stories and cuddle in the afternoon too, generally be around... all the time.....

So in the morning when he came to me with a helicopter whose rubber lining had fallen off the wheel, instead of pooh-poohing it off as I would have done so in the normal case, I took it up.

If I were to set right all the wheels Sonny boy has set wrong, that in itself would be a full time occupation for me. Sonny boy is c-r-a-z-y about his wheels. While I was lying in bed with chicken pox, he would while away his time by going around the 3 sides of the bed with some vehicle or the other fascinated by the wheels going round and round....

Tha Acha advised me not to bother with it, as it couldn't be set right. But the look on Sonny boy's face as he said that, made me direct my efforts towards the errant wheel once again. After some squeezing and pushing and pulling and manouevering, I finally got the rubber casing in place.

Sonny boy *looking up at me with admiration and delight*, "You're so strong girl, Amma! Thank you."
To his Acha, "Acha, Amma fixed it! She's very strong"
Tha Acha *having overheard the earlier conversation*, "yeah, your Amma's very strong.

Sonny boy,proudly, "Yeah, she's like Chota Bhim!
And to his Amma, "No, Amma?


WhatsInAName said...

Oh My God! ROFL!
So, please ask him on my behalf as to whos the BADA BHEEM? :))

DotThoughts said...

ROTFL. these kids. chhota bhim indeed :D

Mystic Margarita said...

Chota Bhim! ROTFL!

Suma said...

awwww...my mummy strongest!!!! remember that ad?

and chhota Bhim? rofl..why not, if you can call him all sorts of names!

How do we know said...

ha ha ha.. thank your stars he did not make u Balaram!! Nothing wrong with Chhota Bheem either tho!

Just Like That said...

WIAN: Tha Acha of course!:-D know something- Sonny boy's fave tv person is Ben10, and he is Ben10, I am Gwen,( a little girl who's Ben's cousin) and the Acha is Grandpa (Ben's grandfather). LOL! The husband never ceases to fume at the unfairness of this. He tells SOnny boy- look, your Amma is as fat, if not fatter than me. She is OLD.How can she be Gwen, and me Granpa??? But that's how it is! :-D and Sonny boy will have it no other way.

Dot, Mystic: LOL indeed!

Suma: now my mummy strongest is QUITE different from Chota Bhim, isn't it?!:-D but yeah, he was pretty chuffed that his Mom had done it!

How do we know: Welcome to my blog. Nothing wrong, I guess. At least Chota Bhim is cute! :-D And Bada Bhim is not yet on any cartoon, Thank God!

Mama - Mia said...


so are you flexing your muscles these days??!! :) you ARE chhota bheem afterall! nahi?!

sonny boy is just too cute! why wont you let me meet him?! hrrmmppff!

Collection Of Stars said...

Have you been eating laddoos like chhota bheem ?
How are you doing now? Feeling better I hope.