Monday, August 24, 2009

row row row your boat, comforbatly on...

Sonny boy has always been pronouncing his words most funnily ( now I know he's not specially amusing, ALL kids do it, to a higher or lower extent)

It started when he was a toddler and could just lisp out the words,

Lorry was Rolly
Potato was Topato
Elephant was Ephilant
and so on...

It produced paroxysms of mirth from me, which the Acha sternly disapproved of.
He believed I should not be laughing at the child so.
But it was of no use, I was unable to resist being entertained by Sonny boy.

His vocabulary grew to include

and Mavaya (for that guy Mayavi who comes in Magic Pot)

It amazed me the way syllables that were not there so easily fell into place.
He was entirely comforbatle (in his own words) with his language. And I continued to enjoy him.

Until now, when he's learning his spellings, and learning to read.
and I realise-

that he THINKS of the words thus.

He spells hospital as h-o-s-T-i-p-a-l! The puh after hos just doesn't exist for him!



Suma said... is funny and exasperating too.

mine is almost 7 and still struggles to spell the words as it should be, not as HE thinks it should be.

but it sure makes excellent posts...

so i'm not feeling sorry for you, just yet ;)

Vidooshak said...

At least woh PH ko PH bolta hai, LUH nahi bolta.... haha!!

Don't worry, he'll soon grow out of tea. I mean, it.

Scattered Thoughts... said...

I can so relate to it.. seeing my 3 years old niece is exactly similar experience.. her hindi is so damn too funny and I must say cute at times.. like kharab is khabad for her.. so it turns out like ye light khabad ho gayee hai.. :)

WhatsInAName said...

lol absolutely cute.
And enjoy the phase dear. Cos he will soon outgrow it :-)

Mama - Mia said...

hehe! all in good time! till then laugh away!

LOL @ Suma!


Ardra said...

Just now I was going thru some of my old posts and I saw a comment by you saying that Sandra Mendonza was your senior. Are you from Kannur? I know a Sandra Mendonza who was my batch mate in college in Calicut. Was wondering if it could be the same person...

Just Like That said...

Suma, Vidooshak, ST, Wian, Mama Mia: :-D

Ardra! Yes, I am from Kannur. Sandra was your batchmate? She's (last I know of) now a teacher in my school, in Kannur.Now lemme go thru your posts to find out what I commented on.. Methinks it was those old English songs.. right? :-D
Now, are you from Kannur or Calicut? Or where?? :-)

Shivaja said...

Thats why we made the word AMMA .....simple one, kids cant get that wrong I guess! :) My dotter once spelt 'qures' and I couldn't make head or tail of the word until she explained to me its 'curious'. hehe

Just Like That said...

Shivaja: LOLOL

Usha said...

I am sure he will outgrow this. But since he is a little grown up now , may be you can make an effort to enunciate the syllables clearly whenever you use them and gently correct him when he uses them wrong. Sometimes the confusion could be because of having registered it wrong the first time and continuing to hear it that way.

Hip Grandma said...

Like Usha I too think that he should be coaxed to spell and pronounce words correctly. an incentive for every word spelt/pronounced correctly should do wonders.He may indeed outgrow this phase.

Uma said...

Oh he will outgrow.. enjoy yourself till then. My daughter used to say 'Topato' as well and would replace all 'ra's to 'la's. In their own minds they are pronouncing it correctly and once they have control over their tongue, it'll fall in place

choxbox said...

my 4 yr old says hevicles for vehicles and i think it is ultimately cute. believe me, they grow out it. my older one did :( :)