Thursday, August 20, 2009

a tail tale!

Ever since the outbreak of chicken pox, Sonny boy has been extra taken with the Goddess Durga.

Her 1000 arms, and weapons from all the Gods and her prowess and strength ..all that have made quite an impression on that impressionable young mind, and Tales of Durga are one of his favourite ACKs to listen to at night or whenever.

Since he's started learning to read simple words at school, I try to make him read word that he can while relating stories from whichever book.

Yesterday was Durga again, and we made him read the title
Sonny boy: talus? questioning tone and look.

At which the Acha who was on storytelling duty yesterday, corrected and told him it was pronounced Tayles.

At which he turned to me and delightedly exclaimed, "Amma, Durga has tails also!!!"


Suma said...

how very cute. I LOVED this!

the engliss is such a funny language..its never spelt as it is pronounced and never pronounced as it is second one has introduced me to all permutations and combinations of the alphabets

artnavy said...

so sweet!!

Praveen said...

LOL! I like Sonny Boy tales! :)

Poppins said...

And this is why I have mixed feelings about the phonics method to teach reading! :)

Mama - Mia said...


inglish is a phuny language i tell ya!! :D

WhatsInAName said...

How cute is that! Someday sonny boy will be reading all this and having a good laugh!

Hip Grandma said...

Amma, Durga has tails also!!!"

How cute.Give him a hug.

Just Like That said...

All: It is sooooo phunny having Sonny boy learn English, I just wish I could record all instances here, but I forget some. :-D

Shivaja said...

Good old Amar Chitra Kathas! Cute lil sonny boy is really entertaining us thru' ur blogs!