Thursday, October 21, 2010

Odds and ends

The other day, I brought my lunch back un-eaten from office.
While I was putting it away to give the hungriest member of the family (the dog, who else?)the husband saw me and frowned at my skipping lunch.

Before I could tell him that I'd had a late breakfast and other stuff from office, a pair of ears perked up and up piped the little preacher.

"Amma, you should not waste food."

"If you don't eat it, you will not grow up. You won't grow old and you won't die."

"And when I have children, my children won't have a grandmother. You will still be my mother only." *accusing look*


These days Sonny boy drives us both up the wall with his dawdling and dreaming in front of his food. The once-upon-a-time-patient Acha has also lost it.

Yesterday was a particularly bad food-and-drink day. Where he had to be yelled at for every dratted sip of his milk and then later on for every darned bit of his idlis. The school bus was already on its way, and Sonny boy was still chewing as peacably as a cow. At the end of his tether, the Acha lost his temper and shouted extra loud at him.
An equally fed-up Sonny boy, mutinously: One day I will eat the whole house! And then I will stay out!


His upper left tooth is also out. It came out after much hopping-on-toes-in-excitement, hugging-self-around-stomach-in-anticipation, face-splitting-grins-in- expectation and last but not least, grimaces. It made us both laugh to see his antics and to go over it all once again.


No offence to dear Valmikiji. But why o whyyyy should schools have a holiday for Valmiki Jayanti?? And if schools have it, why o whyyyyy not offices??
Its just not fair!


R's Mom said...

Sonny are a sweetheart darling..I so loved the not becoming a grandmom one :):) and he lost a milk tooth is it :)

WhatsInAName said...

Oh now you have to this much for your grandchildren :P grow girl, grow!
and you are turning a cow into a bakasur? Too bad :p

Gayatri said...

- they never miss a chance to 'advice' the 'parent/ eat&grow grandparent'. Do they :)
- the breakfast rush is a test- your-patience exercise!
- Valmiki Jayanthi???? which school is this??????