Monday, October 25, 2010

Of showers, and birds and bees...

Sat was a beautiful day. Made all the more so by the baby shower.
For which a group of women from far corners of B'lore got together and planned and schemed and organised and surprised and DELIVERED!
It was a tough thing suprising this Mamma2B, cos having been part of a couple of recent baby showers, she was naturally expecting us to give her one! But the shower got postponed because of M's trips abroad- we needed a fellow conspirator didn't we? And she almost thought we'd forgotten.

But finally it got underway and the planning express gathered momentum and the excitement built up to its zenith just before Abha was due to enter the house.

M had thoughtfully taken Abha and Cubby out for a romantic drive at 2.30.. LOL! (Kudos on managing her till 5.30, M!)
Usha reached first, and the security guys told her that the houseowners were out and she had to wait!!!
She called us - (DDMom, Monika, Preethi n me) and Monika smsed M and M smsed some others and finally, Usha and Starry managed to get in, somehow and all the rest of us too reached and gathered in the Jain home.
Frantic decorations and setting-up-the-place later, we rushed to hide so that we could SURPRISE!! her.
The door bell rang, all of us hurried to hide, and Rajamma (the maid, who was beside herself at seeing our excitement and preparations)scurried to answer the doorbell, only to find,
first Bangalore Mom!
and then Poppy!!
and then just before Abha was to come in , Art!!! Aaarghhhh!
It all but added to the fun and laughter and bonhomie.

Finally she reached and we screamed and SURPRISED and laughed and hugged and felt so good all around! and then it was time for the games!

For all the worrying in the morning, that the power supply was off, and she couldn't melt the chocolates, Preethi came up with some beautiful chocolate potty in diapers, for the expectant second timers to taste and guess. Ewwwwwwwwwww.....went Abha and ewwwwwww..... went the onlookers.
M duly shared in the diaper tasting and even got the taste correct. Way to go M!
And then , we played Dumb Charades, where we divided ourselves into M's and Abha's teams. We had to guess, of course, stuff related to the baby.
Pictionary followed, which was truly hilarious at times, for what had to be picturised was nursery rhymes. Only Monika knows what she wanted to draw for Wee Willy Winkie! ROFL!
But what makes it even better is that her team managed to guess it!!

we handed Abha the gifts-a lovely lovely booklet, printed with all good wishes from bloggy friends, a gift voucher from CWC, a cute onesie for 2B and also some books and CD's for Cubby.
D and Co had made some Playdoh trinkets for all the kiddies. Its still treasured by Sonny boy, tho' the colours have merged by now.
Usha had brought some beautiful flowers. I had gotten her a teeshirt, which was supposed to have some maternity lines on it, but which, owing to the time lag, was finally convertd to a Frens shirt.

Time for the cake. An awesome one, shaped like a baby rattle, which tasted even better than it looked. But for eats, we also had
DDmom's pasta. With a green sauce and a red sauce, both equally delicious.
Preethi's totally yummilicious muffins, that sadly, she'd made only for the kids. Two were leftover, which the adults shared even more greedily than the kids. Yummm, Preethi, you'll have me visiting quite often now.
Chips- there was an overload of, both Bangalore Mom and me having got them.
MM got the drinks, and there also were some Dharwad pedas, which we found only at the end.

It was also Poppy's B'day and we got out the second cake of the evening.

The assorted kids had a gala time, playing with Cub's toys, and generally having a good time.
Little big sisters (D) told littler big sisters (K) how to raise good younger sisters!
Some of them gathered to feel 2B kicking a greeting.
And all the kids had a lovely time while their mommas had a ball!

The 'official' shower over, no one felt like leaving, which says much for M and Abha's calibre as hosts. Besides, we all wanted to have a look at the booklet to which we had all contributed! And so we chatted and chatted....oooh'ed and aaah'ed
But it was getting late, and all of us had a long drive ahead of us.

And what a drive it was!
At the fag end of it, Sonny boy suddenly had a doubt.
"Amma, how do babies get inside the stomach?????"
Not satisfied with being airily told that when Acha and Amma had been in love with each other for some time, a baby would come into the stomach, he still wanted to know, "HOWWWW?????? "

LOL! This's the third baby shower he's been attending and Sonny boy is getting curiouser and curiouser. 2B's kicks were the ultimate for him!
It will be a pleasure to introduce 2B when he/she finally pops out, as the owner of those kicks.
Happy Delivering, Abha and M! Three cheers for Cubby n 2B!


Poppins said...

Lovely. Totally missed all the chatting afterwards though :(

Sonny Boy !!!

artnavy said...

missed the chat but felt the warmth
loved it

we are rockstars with the band heads being preethi and monika

btw the pedas were from me for the abha family...

starry eyed said...

I haven't laughed and screamed that much for a while...I think it was good for my kids to see us like that :)

Usha said...

Wow, this comprehensive coverage brought back memories of the lovely evening!
Next time Sonny asks you 'How?" tell him 'you ought to know. You came from there too remember?"

BangaloreMom said...

WOW!! This was sooooo much fun!! And I tell Kuttan that he got into my tummy bcos I prayed real hard for him! :D

R's Mom said...

Wow...JLT...I am so so jealous..What a wonderful baby shower...I read it on Ushaji's blog as well as Shruti's have captured all the stuff between the three of you :):) Waiting now to 2B to pop out :)

aargee said...

That was a lovely update... I really missed such a beautiful event..

Btw my son thinks that people eat babies to get them inside.. :) because they are in the tummy!

Collection Of Stars said...

JLT: You rock! That was a great update. Next baby shower for you?

Just Like That said...

Poppins: You were there for some of it, we just sprawled on the chairs in the living room while pigging out... :-)

Art: :-)

Starry: For a welcome change, screaming with laughter instead of in frustration! :-D

Usha: It was a lovely evening, wasn't it? We need to make it more frequent. Meets, not necessarily baby showers. I don't want to be stumped with another googly from Sonny boy! :-p

BangaloreMom: But HOWWWWWWW?? :-D

R's Mom : It was so much fun!! We're waiting too :-)

Aargee: LOL! Kids! But there is a logic there too :-D

CoS: I'd love to, but right now, you know I can barely balance life Sonny boy and dog! :-D

Mama - Mia said...

i am so jealous of all the fun you guys had BEFORE i came!! yeah i am hard to please that way! :P

thank you SO SO Much!!!!!! i lauuuuuueeed it!! havent had this much fun in eons!!

and am glad Ag and D were kicked! :p

and soon you will have to answer the why! or are you gonna dump the responsibility on the father?! :p



sandhya said...

Wow! Between Shruti, Usha and you, you have made me really sorry to have missed such a fun party.

Wonderful write-up, JLT.

Marina D'Souza said...

Wee Willy Winkie! :D ahem. LOL.

Sounds like a wonderful baby shower !

Vidooshak said...

Beautiful update. Felt like I was there. Oh, wait, I was.... But still, great to read about it again. And again. Loved it!