Monday, October 18, 2010

Long time no see....

Have been away from the blog for quite a while, being caught up with work and holidays and conjunctivitis, not necessarily in that order.
Last week, I'd seen a post from Monika on FB, saying there was a contest on Womens' Web. On the heroine that you liked the most. And that took me back to something I'd written a few years back. After I wrote this, a whole host of other heroines crossed my life. But still Jennifer holds a special place in my heart.


This was back in my teens- when it was the INnest thing to be reading a Sidney Sheldon...I just wanted to see what was so great about him and so started off with Rage of Angels which was my intro to Sheldon.
I just LOVED Jennifer.

Vulnerable, yet strong, stupid and naive to begin with, going on to heights of brilliance in her career as an attorney, Jennifer had all a lady needs- beauty, brains, power, men to love her and a man to love and have a child with...

The novel starts with a young Jennifer just out of law school, with dreams in her eyes, dreams that are shattered when just hours after her entry into a promising career in law, she is booted out on her backside after she becomes a victim of a trick.
But Jennifer evolves... from a young , gullible, naive fresher to a poised, sharp, extremely brilliant attorney, pitting her wits against the DA and winning all the way, almost...

In between exciting courtroom battles, Jennifer finds time to fall in love. With Adam, who loves her back, but who also, unfortunately, happens to be married. On the threshold of becoming a Senator, Adam has to choose between a bright career with a wife he does not love and Jennifer whom he loves more than anything. Jennifer makes the choice for him.

With the fading out of Adam, comes Michael into her life. Michael, whom she has to thank for the sabotage of her career and also, for the life of the most precious thing in her life- her son, Joshua. And thus begins a relationship born out of strife, but which endures and emerges a winner, until.. Adam comes back into prominence in Jennifer’s life.

From the right side of the law to the wrong, from Adam to Michael, the narrative goes without losing steam, building up to a climax where Jennifer has Adam and Michael and she again has to choose....

The novel is all about the choices Jennifer is forced to make, its about loss and gain, about pain and joy, about victory and defeat, about togetherness and sheer loneliness. You can laugh with her, love with her, celebrate with her and weep with her.

A mix of Grisham and Steele, with the best of both, the book is classic Sidney Sheldon with his motif of a strong, feminine WOMAN. Racy in its narrative, leading from one thing to another, it leaves you wanting to know more about what happened to one gutsy lady.


R's Mom said...

hey..interesting choice...I remember really liking Jennifer too :)

A Ramble in Aphasia said...

Yes good choice. I remember reading the book and sympathizing with her too.