Tuesday, July 9, 2013

lost... and Found!!!

I was going through my old posts, and came across this one, My dearest girls, where are you..where I was bemoaning the fact that 3 close friends had lost track of one another over the years.

Its not for nothing that I am pretty active on facebook.  I've FOUND *gleeful smile* TWO of them! My hostelmates. Ap and My.

Ap is in Quatar or some such Gulf country, she has a daughter, P who sends me mails once in a while... We spoke to each other for over an hour, the first time we spoke to each other ( she'd gotten my number from My) It was as if the intervening years had disappeared, as if we were chatting to each other after coming back from a day's work from opposite hostel beds.... :-) Ooooh, it was lovely!

And My- she's in the US. She's had one more baby- another daughter, and is witnessing sibling rivalry and affection in turns.  We are in regular touch over facebook, she's grown prettier.... :-)

Now all that's left is to find what's up with Ar. Soon, I'm sure! :-)

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