Monday, July 22, 2013


Delhi could make Chennai look down shamefacedly last week, when it came to the humidity levels. It was HOT and sweaty. I'd thought that the worst of the heat was over. Not quite so!
A colleague and I got out of the airport terminal onto the concourse on Mon, and the heat made me think I was standing in front of an a/c vent. I moved, but the vent moved with me... which was when I realised , there was no a/c vent. It was humid hot Delhi air.

Had a recce and various meetings across the city, and kept moving the whole week from the humidity into air conditioned cab and office interiors and it took its toll. Attended an office party to celebrate a gold medal we'd won,  and took time out to meet a good friend. By Fri when I had to leave, I had the beginnings of a sore throat.

In Bangalore, we were welcomed back by pelting showers, and we got drenched before getting into the cab headed home. To keep the windshield from misting over, the a/c had to be switched on. (Otherwise normally, I do not insist that the a/c be switched on, on the drive back home, except in those stretches near Manyata TechPark and KR Puram bridge, to escape from the noxious fumes of other vehicles).  That was it. The soreness took a stronger grip on my throat.

And on Sat when I woke up, I had a throat that was majestically sore. By afternoon, I started feeling cold, and in the evening, I shivered like with the ague, for more than half an hour.

This is the second time that I had a fit of the shivers. I remember the first time was in my previous office. It was my first job, after having taken a 3 year break for Sonny boy, and since I'd just joined, I didn't want to take leave. I sat in the boss' cabin, in the a/c ( hadn't told anyone that I had fever) and started to shiver. LOL. It would have been funny if it hadn't been a bit scary. I just couldn't stop the tremors. I went back home.  The boss thought I trying to be dramatic or whatever, I got no sympathy from him. Of all the bosses I've had, I count him as THE Hari Sadu. No one else comes close. It gives me great pleasure to write that I have moved on and ahead of that guy. Ha!

So now, am at home on a Monday. Ages since I've been on leave, and that too, on a Monday. The fever's left, the sore throat is better, I just have a head that seems to be carrying all the continents on it. And all the oceans too. Its that heavy. If only that would clear, I'm good.

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Sumana said...

Take rest JLT. Travelling sure takes its toll especially the changing weathers and all that.