Monday, July 15, 2013

Movie time... yes? no?

Once upon a time, a girl had all the time in the world, but was yet to have a laptop of her own. Ergo, all the movies she saw were from the theatres- at her workplace or her hometown. Inspite of having to book tickets in advance, dress up and get out, she saw a fair number. Which led to empty wallets at the month end.

Some years down the line, the girl got married, had a kid, moved up in the rat race. In her laptop now, she has some 10 movies at least- Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu- all hit movies, that her friend at office has downloaded for her.

The bank balance still get depleted by the month end. But not because of the movies. The movies- they have been lying un-viewed for the last 6 months.

This week, hopefully, when the girl will be traveling for 4 days in the week. . . .
- she will not have to cook after getting back home from work,
-  she will have her own free time post dinner (not have to read a book to her son, or hug him close while he     makes his way to Dreamland),
- her dog will not paw her insistently to get up and walk her, talk to her
- her husband will also not be there ;-)

 . . . . she will hopefully get to see at least 2. She has
Rock On
O My God
GAW I and II

Neethane En Ponvasantham
Ethir Neechal

Arundhati ( Telugu- with subtitles)
Ala Modalaindi

Any suggestions as to which I should start with?


xyz said...


I have been reading your blog for sometime now but never commented

I love movies and try to catch up with them whenever possible

If you are looking for light hearted rom com go for Ala Modalaindi

Arundathi is a good periodic movie

I personally didnt like Cocktail and i hated Dabangg

Rock on is a good movie too

I didnt watch the other movies

Have fun

Just Like That said...

Hi xyz, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I started Ala Modalaindi last week, but unfortunately it didn't have subtitles... :-( Will get them installed and start off with AM. Thanks for the recco. :-)