Friday, September 21, 2007

Tag no 2- post-kid passion

I forgot to mention- I've been tagged for this by the mad momma, and I just couldn't refuse..

once upon a time, long ago...
a he and a she had no need to tend to the fires of their passion
for it tended to blaze forth scorching in its intensity.
and then a few years down the line,
that passion produced a progeny
and passion started on the wane...

have to give he credit for occasional, nay repeated trial and...?
but progeny will have no errors.
gives birth to a new adage, does ever vigilant progeny-
Man proposes, progeny disposes!

he's arm around she, spotted, progeny will remove
and drape around himself...
she sitting on he's lap, gives rise to tantrums and sulks
till she rises, but not he!
foreplay? What's that? threeplay's more like it
and I sure don't mean an orgy!

add to this, frustrating work outside home
and tiring work at home, with no maid to boot!
right now, everything seems to conspire
to send passion down the drain!

time alone will tell...
if those slumbering embers can be fanned to a blaze
if progeny no 2 will come to fruit
some time soon...

everybody's already been there and done that.
this tag, I mean, not THAT!
ah, but no! I spy, with my little eye,
some little chicks, that could still add to the fun
(the more, the merrier, LOl, ROFL)
Whatsinaname, Sunitha, Swati and ~Nm
go ahead, go ahead, feel free, be my guest
spill all, about you-know-what!

P.S. This version is the edited one. Had forgotten to stick to the rules of a tag in the original version- mention the one who tagged me, and tag some more. Have amended that.


WhatsInAName said...

Rise you shall, dont fret :P
Matter of time, you bet!
Send Sonny to me on jet
News of kid 2, we shall get


choxbox said...


Kodi's Mom said...

:) man proposes, progeny disponses! LOL! does woman ever propose? ;)

whatsinaname is so on a roll! :)

Just Like That said...

Sonny boy to you shall be sent
Maid to me, will you send?
Only then will there true cause be
For hope to rise, tee hee hee!

LOL Loved this comment!

Choxbox: LOL indeed.

Kodi's Mom: Ahem, not in the recent past, I'm afraid ;-). I must be crazy or a man to think of THAT. Happily, or unhapily, right now, all I want to do is SLEEEEEEP!

Squiggles Mom said...

Love the impromptu poetry on your comments section. Well done on the tag! My response to that - Yeh to Ghar Ghar ki Kahaani hai!!

Swati said...

WIAN you ROCK !!!!

JLT ..My sympathy to the man ...since others seem to be happy :P

Anitha said...

ROFL! loved your poetry (& WIAN's too). Strongly suggest you heed to WIAN. Want to see one more ticker from lilypie on your blog. And SOOOON!

WhatsInAName said...

little chicks indeed :P You say that even after meeting me?
Maybe elephantine chic would suit me better :)
Wait for the beans to spill now!
blush blush!

Random Vignettes said...

Hehe...and here K and I are planning to start a family! Shud I be worried?!?!?!

Sunita said...

Well done!! WIAN - brilliant response ... I am not sure when I will do this but sure sometime.

Swati said...

Home work done

the mad momma said...

LOL! you really did a great job of it!