Friday, January 18, 2008

Just like that..

This was a post I started on Fri, but then, I had to stop doing it for other reasons that suuddenly intervened.. I rarely, almost never, save and edit my posts, but this one, am finishing it...

Was feeling quite out of sorts today in office after a BIG fight with the Acha. (Yes, we women DO mix work and the home up.)

Was hopping blogs, when I found my old friend Daisy, who's mighty ecstatic that she and her HD are finally together.

And I was musing on the fact that these days, my husband and I just seem to flare up at each other at the least excuse. Is this the 7 year itch? Must be, both of us just ITCH to get into a fight.

Well, anyways, found this on her blog, and thought I'd do it.

I am thinking about ------ the fight with my husband.

i said -------nothing too bitter, I wish he'd do the same. Words once said are so difficult to forget.

i want ------- love, laughter and stability in my family.

i miss ------- the past. (You can hardly miss the future, can you?)

i hear ------- background chatter in office

i wonder ------- what my dear little Sonny boy will grow into. And this, I don't mean profession wise, but person wise.

i regret ------- not completing my MA in English Literature.

i am -----------quite happy with my professional life.

i dance ----------for the Sonny boy only now.

i sing -----------when I want to scare visitors away. Not that it works :-(

i cry ------------ tears of rage when I get into a fight with my husband, when I see sad movies.

i make with hands --------- food for my family.

i write -------- when I feel like it

i confuse --------- being accomodating and being a doormat.

i need --------- more time for myself

i should ---------- make more time for my son and husband.

i start ----------a lot of new things that I leave unfinished.

i finish ---------- cooking before I leave for office.

Oo and I tag anyone who wants to pick this up


Daisy said...

Thanks for taking the tag up and for the comment on my blog !
and really really sorry to hear about achacha.. it is really painful.Poor Sonny boy .Hugs to him and you..

Lavs said...

Will take this up shortly

Vidooshak said...

i picked up a DVD recently, called "The War of the Roses" made by Danny DeVito. It was funny take on something similar to this.

Picked it up to show wifey how she is also always wrong, like the woman in the movie. Sadly, the director screwed up and somehow the guy was also shown as being somewhat an idiot. No wonder the movie flopped.

But the point is... gee... what is the point... i am sure there was one.... hmmm.... urr....