Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is my 101st post.
And I have so enjoyed posting every one of the 101. Starting from this, on Mar 14th 2007.

In her comment on my last post, Moppet's Mom told me that she was my 10,000dth visitor.
I was maha thrilled, but not as much as I was to get that first visitor, who I think was Usha. And I remember MM's first comment on my blog, on this post.

And starting from that post, the relationship with her and several others among my readers has grown into a special one.
I started this blog in the days when I hated my job, and felt totally demoralised to go day after day to a place where I felt totally worthless... I was kept utterly jobless by my boss ( I think I'll hold a grudge against him till I die) and so to look busy, I started surfing the net. It looked better to be peering into the computer than to be just sitting listlessly looking around at other busy colleagues.

And soon, pretty pretty soon, I was drawn hook, line and sinker into the bloggy world, with experiences and feelings and views to share and be shared. Momma bloggers, grandmomma bloggers, ageless bloggers, the list just expanded.. and they filled my dull working days with their posts which made me laugh, ponder, empathise and laugh all over again...

These bloggy pals are special. They're almost best buddies, 'cept you can't remember their faces! And in my last post, I was utterly warmed and delighted to have the Best Blogging Buddy award from a certain mischievous moppet's angelic mom.

In my turn am passing the award on to some of my bloggy pals- with whom my only connect is this blog of ours, but oh my Gott! what a connect it is!


Pass the love on, ladies, pass it on, do...


Moppet's Mom said...

Congratulations, friend!

WhatsInAName said...

JLT :)
Have been totally out of this blogosphere because of you-know-what. I will be back in a weeks time.
Meanwhile just peeped in to say that you are the best buddy anyone can have. I am lucky I bumped into you. Infact, if I am blogging it is because of you :)

Thanks for this award... Cant tell you how great it feels to be in your best buddy list!

Timepass said...

Congratulations and best wishes..

DotMom said...

Congrats on your century! Here's to many more to come!

dipali said...

Congrats. All the best for your next century of blogs:) It is an amazing bloggy world, isn't it?

Daisy said...

Congrats on all the milestones and the anniversary too..

Hey- I started blogging in March 07 too.. but I have not even completed 50 posts:)... I guess it helps to have a cute muse like sonny boy!

Lavs said...

Congratulations & Celebrations:-)

Vidooshak said...

Surprise, surprise. You even have a few Lada fans among the Blogosphere! Admittedly, I come here only to peek into what the future Cubby would be like--- and run away scared (which explains why I visit only once every 2-3 weeks). Yet, this and Boo's Baby Blog have been a source of so much comfort ("you are not alone!!") and laughter eversince we had our son.

Keep writing, ladies. And thank men like me (Bhagwan tumhare boss ka bhala kare!) for giving you the time to go ahead and blog, while we clean the potty :-)

Usha said...

heyyyyyyy thank you - and you have been one of the best buddies for me too - I mean who else has read ALL my posts and even commented on almost every one of them - you just don't kn ow how much THAT cheered me up.
Happy blogging and where IS WIN these days? She doesn't seem to be blogging. all ok?

dame's diary said...


congratulations dear..
We luv u too

~nm said...

Awww...I'm so touched!!! I really had moist eyes reading this!!

Anyone can think of me as a Blogging Buddy is a big big award!! As you right aptly called it "Award of Love" :)

A big big hug to you!!

Just Like That said...

Moppet's Mom, Timepass, Dotmom, Lavs: Thank you :-)

WIN: HuGGGGs! you're welcome!

Dipali: Truly! and thanks. :-)

Daisy: The muse does his bit, but the evil boss did more actually...
Never mind, alls well that ends well. If not for his pettiness, I'd never have found all of youuuuu....:-)

Vidooshak: Long live the helpful poppas! What you help create, you help maintain...with equal shares.. ;-) whaddya say?

Usha: Your writings always strike a chord in me somewhere ...and your totally this-and-that, bindass way of writing inspired me to start writing just-like-that...Hugggs!
Have deliberately written bindaas as bind-ass- as good a description of your blog as any. :-)
WIN is perfectly ok, just dancing around busily...should be back in a week, as she said.

Dame: :-)

Just Like That said...

~NM; You are MOST welcome, my buddy! :-)Anirudh and Sonny boy being around the same age makes you extra special to me.Hugs right back at you. I REALLY missed out on meeting you while I was in Delhi..:-(

Swati said...

:-) Congratulations !