Friday, January 25, 2008

Money, its a-leaping away......

We're starting the year with a lot of dents in our finances.

1. I lost my mobile last week. From office. Granted I was careless and left it somewhere, (either near the fax machine or in the loo) but does'nt the office have to ensure that employees' property is safe within office premises?
Forget the loss of the phone, which luckily was an old basic model that I didn't pay for out of my pocket, I lost ALL my numbers. Now that, is catastrophy!
The only plus to this is *wide grin*, I got me a new phone. The new Nokia E51. It is' nice for me', as Sonny boy would put it. It is also going to be very nice for my credit card company which will get a billing of 12.5K this month.

2. Like I sighed to you guys, I banged my car. Dished out 2.5K to the 4 men, who are now telling stories in Kerala (Yes, they were country cousins) about the crazy women drivers in B'lore.
We got the workshop guys to make an estimate of dents past and present, and the amount comes to a whopping 18K. C'mon, the big cars are expensive to maintain, but li'l Altos?? Now, we're waiting to see what the Insurance guy will have to say.

3. Our finances are to be set back by 60K next week. And for this, Sonny boy takes all the credit.
He's gotten admission in DPS. YaYYYYYYY!! Very good, Sonny boy!
The admission and other fees at DPS come upto 60K. Not so good for the parents! Any wonder why we aren't going in for a second any time soon?

4. If Sonny boy's got to go to DPS from this June, Acha, Amma and Sonny boy have to shift house so he does not have to travel 20 odd km to school every day. That means buying another house. (Renting is a waste of money) Anybody got a house in and around Sarjapur Road/HSR layout/Koramangala that they would like to give for free? House will be maintained in mint condition.
Which means at LEAST another 30-35 L- going by ABSOLUTE minimum standards- down the drain...

Is the problem with leap years? If Jan itself has so many unpleasant monetary surprises in store, wonder about the rest of the year..???? High time some money leaped in....


Anonymous said...

Now that was really funny.

Don't worry! I have made a record of losing/destroying/giving away my mob phones. No no! my dad bought them of course :)

Lovely post...u had me in splits on the 4th point :))

Timepass said...

May I have the pleasure of telling you that I have won a big lottery and am looking out for someone to share the same.. Interested?? Jokes apart, just yest I heard abt the fees charged by DPS. I now thank my stars for studying in different states which offered free education to girls ( I paid only Paper money (for answer sheets) till 12th hahha)

Lavs said...

Here’s a cheque for Rs.1 crore. Happy???

~nm said...

Hey, I hope you were not hurt? And congrats to Sonny boy for clearing the admission drill or grill :D

dipali said...

May a windfall appear from somewhere!
The school admission amount sounds quite appalling.Eeks.

Vidooshak said...

1. credit card company not happy as long as you don't forget to pay the dues on time. but an E51 for an "old basic model"? wow!!!! i am going greeeeeen

2. my li'l 800 has more dents than doors. eagerly awaiting YOUR insurance guy's verdict before i approach mine...

3. money leaping to the tune of 35L? now that is the kind of blog that attracts Dawood bhai. hehehe!! but seriously, Blr still has houses available for mere 35L? last we checked, any decent complex started at 45... :-(

CONGRATULATIONS on the school admission. Very proud of Sonny Boy's lucky DiPS. Am sure all leaping fades in comparison for Sonny's leap!


Itchingtowrite said...

ohh i am so sorry abt the car.. i know it hurts take care

Just Like That said...

Veens: Splits? *with a solemn face* Ask and you shall be given, said God. I was just asking... :-)

Timepass: My parents didn't dish out no admission fee for me, and till my 10th, I paid only 15/- as fees, and it was the top school in the place. Sigh! The times, they be a changing..

Lavs: Thanks for the thought :-), but until the cheque's cleared, not happy... ;-)

~Nm: My ego too suffered dents along with my poor Alto. but otherwise, no probs. Shall pass on the congrats to Sonny boy. :-)

Dipali: May it! Sigh! Appalling, ridiculous, mind boggling..
I could go on, but i'm busy trying to figure from where all the $$$ will come...

1. Get yourself a husband, fast! he it is who will get you an E51 instead of the basic model.

2. We tried putting off all minor repairs till date onto the insurance claim, but no go. Insurance will only take in claims for 3 sides in one claim, so our left hand side repainting will have to wait... Sigh! Wish you better luck with your guy.

3. Absolute min stds reads no plants, no trees no birds, no walkway, no swimming pool and all that jazz. ONLY 4 walls to your rooms, and a car park, and yes, a reasonably decent location... Search is still on, but we've to pay up on the 2nd!!

4. :-) will pass on the wishes to the deserving!

Itchy: Thanks.My poor car. *Sniff*

Usha said...

Don't feel bad - look at them as investments not as expenses...erm, the car repair and mobile, let us put it down to experience.
It is disturbing that a phone can go missing from the office - is it a huge place?
So you are moving to MY side of town - now, THAT is good news :)

WhatsInAName said...

awww well.. this will pass too, babes!
Now now, if it can make you feel any better, just imagine the big hole in my pocket... just had that vacation and then that function... i am drowned in debts dearie :P
I have lost 2 mobiles too hehehe

But dont you bother. I am sure the phase will be over soon. and yes, congrats on sonny's DPSing :) Thats some achievement to be proud of! ;) more precious than Padma Bhushan!

Lavs said...


Just Like That said...

Usha:While I would love to invest, the money for it has me looking skywards..
experience- am learning from it.:-)
It is rather big, 3 group offices in the same building.. however one thing I am sure of is that the housekeeping guys wouldn't have taken it!
You know what- my office is already in your part of town, closer I think. On Bannerghatta Road. Don't we need to meet?

WIN: Thinking of you does make me feel partially better. :-)

LAvs: I will take this up.

Thinking aloud said...

grrr.....i'm sure i left a comment here...i must be getting old...

congrats on sonny boy's must be a huge relief to you...

wishing loads of money your way...after all, you are in my part of the world...:D

Usha said...

Hey you said BGT road? BGT road - that is where I live. send me a mail at