Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today, was Sonny boy's close friend's B'day. He stays in our flat and the Mom and I used to compare notes on kicks and bulges and pukes and everything associated with pregnancy, so we're rather close. This time Sonny boy insisted that he wanted to decide on the B'day gift for HIS friend, so we were not able to buy a gift in advance, with the result that this evening, I returned early from office and made a dash to the newly opened neighbourhood store with Sonny boy at 5.30 pm (the party was at 6).

We spent a half hour at the store and chose toys for the B'day boy and the B'day boy's friend, yours truly as well (yeah, the 7 day good behaviour rule got cut down to 3 days). Sonny boy as usual tried to get this and that and that too, but all requests and hopeful looks were to no avail, as Amma said we ONLY had time to get the B'day gifts and nothing else.. Rushing to pay the bill, I spotted a pack of Whisper and since I was running out, and my period was overdue, I pulled in one pack hastily.

Immediately, an offended Sonny boy said loud enough for all the men in the store to hear,
"Amma, why you want that? Keep it back!"

The Amma kept on walking, as if she hadn't heard anything.
Sonny boy, most upset at the different set of rules for mother and son, was determined to make himself heard.
"Amma, you don't want that. Keep it back".

And he took it from the bag and went back to the rack. By now she could feel all eyes on them. It was a new store, and was only just beginning to be patronised and the many young salesmen were most eager to be of assistance.
"Soony boy!" hissed an embarassed Amma. "I want that. Keep it back!"

But Sonny boy was determined to follow it through to the very end. He turned to Amma and asked chidingly, "Amma, are you a baby? Only babies want that. You're not a baby. Keep it back"

I am NOT returning to that shop in a long time.


Daisy said...

ROTFL! he is just the cutest.. but poor you :)my cousin used to embarass me like this when I took him to the store by syaing things like "akka, why is that thing specially wrapped in a news paper? can I have a special parcel too??"

Sumana said...

Oh that is surely embarrassing. Sonny boy rocks.

K 3 said...

Blog'ed hopped here through some other links .. nice blog - and what a story! LOL! oh sorry that actually happened eh! Sorry!

Thinking aloud said...

heh..heh..actually..hahaha sorry for you but it was so funny!!!

my dear, wait for more shocks..this is just the beginning!!! i have 2 boys and boy! do i have stories to tell!!!

Swati said...

ahhahahhaha..hhahahhaha..i am rolling on the flooor ...I know thats toooo embarrasing ...but I can't help ...thats too funny ..sorry :)

Gauri said...

This reminded me of the clock incident when abhay was really little. He never used to be able to pronounce the "l" and insisted on saying the word clock minus the l aloud repeatedly in the store.

Kids !!! :-)

~nm said...

hhahahha....that was soooo funny!! I just can't stop laughing!!

Rohini said...

This reminds me of the time when A saw me getting dressed and then later commented in mixed company that I was wearing a diaper!!!

Just Like That said...

Daisy : The curious questions were there earlier too, but in my regular shop pads were stocked in a secluded corner and there were sales girls around that section, so it didn't really matter....
Here- they were right in front of the billing counter where there were 3 billing guys in addition to the helpful salesmen!!

Sumana, k3: First time here..? Welcome aboard :-)

TA: You mean there can be worse?WHat blood curdling stories do you have? Share the laughs, pls:-D

Swati, ~Nm: Well, actually at that last line of his, I was SOOOOO amused, if not for those people around, I'd have laughed out loud too..

Gauri: you mean he wanted all the clocks (sans the l) in the store...???? LOL!

Rohini: Ah! Now THAT did put you on the spot. How did you get out of THAT one? LOL!

Anonymous said...

laughs and giggles :-)

hope the party was good :-)

choxbox said...

hi JLT.

where can i send you a mail? or

Just Like That said...

Choxbox: (the others were already taken :-()

Usha said...

This one is really smart - it is amazing how much they learn from us.

A propos the napkins I had asimilar experience with siddhu. When he was a baby he noticed the packet in the bathroom and opened it. I took it away from him and he demanded to know what it was. So i just said bandage.
Next thing I know he was demanding where the hurt was for me to use such a beeeg band aid and to make it worse he carried one to his grandpa and explained that amma had a real bad hurt because she was using a huge band aid!

WhatsInAName said...

rofl :))
Did they have some video surveillance system in the store? I wanted to see your expressions...rofl...sadist me!
But I have been there and done that... even if I have girls, its tough to answer them when they are still young as to why we use diapers! :D

Fuzzylogic said...

ROFL!if it's any solace imagine this situation. You are having a great time entertaining a bunch of bachelor friends of hubby and one of them excuses himself to go to the bathroom. The kiddo gets a brainwave and runs to your room and marches back holding your ahem ..whisper in her hand and hands them to the group telling " Use mama's diaper" Yep,I know this will make u feel a whole lot better:)

artnavy said...

LOL!!Anush calls it diaper-" Amma you are buying/ wearing/ 'needing' diaper?"