Monday, March 3, 2008

Unrealistic targets, and unachievable too.

Sigh! The school Sonny boy HAS gotten admission to seemed to us on second and third thoughts to be VERY far, esp. taking into consideration the fact that we didn't find any suitable alternate housing arrangements nearby. So when another school called us for the interview, we decided to give it a shot, esp. since the said school was right in the middle of civilisation and quite accessible from both home as well as both our offices.

At the school, Sonny boy found himself a friend who was more than willing to acquiesce to his demanding frolic, and the two had a rollicking time running up the corridors and playing run-and-jump-and-sit-on-chairs while we parents waited impatiently.
The husband wisely kept glowering at and ordering Sonny boy to sit beside him, but Sonny boy paid no heed, and the Amma, for once, thought it the lesser of two evils to have the son jumping around quietly from a distance, rather than fidgeting in a chair adjacent. Alas! It was her undoing.

The trio got called to the Principal's room in their turn. The room was as big as a Princi's room ought to be, and Sonny boy was delighted. He sat in the chair between Acha and Amma, and took in his surroundings with interest.And then, while Acha was responding to something the Princi had asked, Sonny boy espied a row of chairs near the window.

Chairs! puhlenty of them! Run-and-jump-and-sittable ones...!!!!

I really don't know how it happened, but the next second, Sonny boy was out of the chair between us and onto the chair near the window.
The Acha and I gaped, then were horrified. The Amma went after him and brought him back to his chair. To his credit (?) the Princi didn't bat an eyelid, he continued looking at his -or rather our- file before him.
And then while the Amma was tackling a question on who would look after Sonny boy while both of us were at work, Sonny boy tried sidling out on my side of the chairs. He had spied the many shields on top of the shelves. Quite worth a a second look, they were. Sonny boy certainly thought so too. Luckily, the Amma was not as absent minded as the Acha and caught him before more damage was done.

"I only want to look... "plaintively began Sonny boy.
"NO looking," sternly stated Amma.
Glare from the Amma.

The Princi cleared his throat and said that would be quite fine, and thanked us.
The Acha and I, given our marching orders, gathered up Sonny boy and marched out of the room.
I do not think that school is going to call us. Sigh! Unruly, disruptive, distracted kid with inept parents who have no sense of think he would have written any worse?

The Acha berated Sonny boy soundly on the way to the car and told him that he was a very bad boy. The Amma added her two bits. Out came the lower lip and trembled for a few seconds... Sonny boy looked suitably chastened for a few minutes, then he was back to normal again.

On seeing a nearby toyshop,
"Acha you'll buy me toy?"
"NO," thundered the Acha. "You have not been a good boy. NO toy!"
"I be good boy, Acha."
"No. I am very angry. You be a good boy, listening to what Acha and Amma tell you for a whole week, and then, we'll think about a toy."
"One week?"
"7 days, Sonny boy, till Saturday."
"7 days?"
"7 days."
"Ok, Acha, I be good boy for 7 days."

After 5 minutes of sitting quietly in the back seat.
" Acha, 7 days over? "


dipali said...


Kodi's Mom said...

oh well! if the school doesnt call you, they've missed out on a curious, inquisitive, active student. their loss.

Moppet's Mom said...

LOL! Don't worry - if they don't call him back, it's not the right school for him....

Asha said...

That's why they are called kids! :D

Usha said...

I loved the parting shot - how I wish I could become that age again!
A school principal ought to know how a 3 year old is supposed to behave. if he doesn't, sonny boy is better off not going to that school.
Tell us if you get a call - I have a feeling that you will.

Itchingtowrite said...

all the best. but if they dont call, it is their loss

Just Like That said...

Dipali: Awwww indeed :-)

Kodi's Mom: Well, yeaah... but still, he has never behaved like that within the first few minutes of going to a new place...

MM, Itchy: Sigh! The school IS a decent one.

Asha: :-D

Usha: I hope I can call you with good news :-) By the way, did you get to see the mirror? ;-) I didn't.

WhatsInAName said...

Agree with Usha :)
You will get the call soon.

And give him a aunty-bear hug from me again! For 7 days please :)

Thinking aloud said...

hey...he is just acting his age...don't fret!!!

an dif they do not cal...i think then the place is not right for anaturally curious boy...

still having said that...i know how you feel...*hugs*...and 7 days are over okay?

Swati said...

You will get a call ..why not ..he did not do anything unexpected ..I mean do they expect him to sit with a finger on mouth. ALL THE BEST !!!!

choxbox said...