Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The infuriatingly unmanageable 5 tag.

this tag came at me from all corners of blogdom, so I set down to do it in right earnest, .. I actually posted it in my hurry, then realised I hadn't linked up to all those posts. So I took it back and saved it in drafts to add all those links.
Links added, now when I post it, it stubbornly goes to the date originally published!!???
No matter what I do, I CAN'T post it in today's date. The little &^%$#@#!!!!
Now you know I really am technologically challenged. So please all of you- this is my NEW POST ON THE 5 POINTED TAG.


dipali said...

I done the tag already!
6th Feb,08

Fuzzylogic said...

First of all a BIG hi and letting you know I'm back and this time will not be doing the disappearing act again:)About changing the date you can go down to the post options and change the date there and hit republish.Now let me go check the tag:)

Usha said...

did you change the date?
Choose manage posts on dashboard, take edit option and choose 'post options'and change the date. It will post in today's date.