Thursday, March 20, 2008

cat dog and mouse tale.

I love dogs, I do. But this morning's conversation had me wondering...

Sonny boy was as usual playing up while drinking milk. That boy of mine can make me mad like nothing else over his glass of milk! Delegated the make-him-drink-milk chore to Acha, while I focussed on the comparatively almost delightful job of making veg pulao.

The Acha (TA): "Sonny boy, come here, drink your milk."
Sonny boy(SB), prancing about: "I Coming, Acha!"

TA: "Sonny boy, BIG gulps now."
SB: taking a small sip: "Acha, come, let's play."
His feet are dancing again. This boy CANNOT keep still while drinking and eating. It gets my goat, it does!

TA: Ok, what shall we play?
Amma rolled her eyes at this from the kitchen, and almost shouted at them both, but maintained peace remembering that Sonny boy was not keeping quite well, what with cough and cold...

SB: Acha, we play Tom and Jerry.
Acha:OK. How do we play..?

SB : In a tone brimming with mischief,
"Acha, I be Tom.
You be Jerry.
Amma be Dog!"


~nm said... you can use that as a weapon to make him drink milk since Tom (cat) drinsk milk!

Swati said...


Thinking aloud said... he smart or what?

but dogs are smart..and lovable...okay?

Candyfloss said...

Hey, Spike is a nice (if ugly) fellow :-)

upsilamba said...

what is your email id? can't find it anywhere here.
shoot an email to, so I have yours, will ya please?

dipali said...


Kodi's Mom said...

lol!! agree with nm, Tom is suppsoed to love milk :)

Asha said...

LOL! Smart guy!

Just Like That said...

~Nm, Kodi's Mom: If only.... !!!but I think to save my BP, I'll shortly give up on making Sonny boy drink milk.Its too much pressure, first thing in the morning!

Swati, Dipali: :-)

TA: Yeah, they are,:-D and they are my favourite animals too. But I wondered if Sonny boy thought that I was always grouchy and snapping at his idea of fun..?:-(

Candyfloss: For a second, I wondered who this saccharine sweet blogger was;-)... then I remembered, its good ol'(erstwhile)Moppet's Mom. I wish you had another name, this is tooooooooo sweeeeeeet!!
And yeah, Spike is very sweet,(inspite of being harassed most of the time) so what if he's a ugly bulldog? The pugnosed li'l Hutch pup is more famous than most models.;-)

Upsi: sending...

Just Like That said...

Asha: Too much so for his own good :-D and his mother's.

Daisy said...


JLT-unrelated question.. I dont know if I ever mentioned this before- I am a partial mallu( dad is a mallu).. but grew up in TN, hence we did not speak any malayalam at home.. however, cos of my grandparents andd thanks to Asianet, I can understand almost all of it :).

Now coming to the point,I have been raking my brain trying to remember the mallu word that means "vacuum" or "nothing".. its used sort of like a mild swear word.. please put me out of my misery and tell me wat this is :)


Usha said...

But isnt that a compliment to a dog lover!

Daisy said...

ok- never mind my rant yesterday.. spoke to my sis and found the word- "kundham" !! ::)

Just Like That said...

Daisy: LOLOLOL. You mean I asked my husband and all my neighbours all for nothing? Kundham indeed! :-D
You see, Me from Malabar, and Hubby from Cochin, we speak different malayalams. But your clue 'vacuum' put us all off... I thought kundham meant a stick? LOL!Never mind. I can now tell hubby that my mallu is superior to his- I was the one who thought of Kundham after your 'mild swear word'

Usha: I take comfort in that.:-)