Thursday, April 3, 2008

The eight wait

Moppet's Mom (Oops, Candyfloss! Blech! that name is such a paradox to your posts, MM!!) tagged me for this ages ago and every time I opened my blog, I was reminded guiltily of this tag. And Sonny boy was no better, reminding me each time he did something bloggable, of that eight tag..
Well, as they say, there's a time for everything, and this tag's time is now. Over to Sonny boy

8 things I'm passionate about.
1. TV-CartooWokkkok/Pogo/Tom n' Jerry.. (Amma says nastily that I have my father's genes for sure)
2. Toys.
3. Wheels on my toys.
4. Night-time story.
5. Friends- having them over.
6. Friends- going over to their homes.
7.. Shopping. (Acha wonders how/why on earth I got THIS particular gene from my Amma. I don't understand my folks. Children inherit their parent's genes, right??!
8. Sleeping with Amma.

8 things I do that drive Amma crazy
1. Not drinking milk.
2. Not eating my food.
3. Not chewing my food.
4. Not swallowing my food.
5. Running off in the middle of a meal.
6. Keeping food in my mouth for more than 5 minutes.
7. Asking to do susu in the middle of my meal.
8. Throwing up cos I keep food in my mouth for too long.
Gee! Its all about food with her, isn't it? I think she has a problem. Poor thing!

8 things I say often.
1. Ille? Its my turn, ille? I want to go ille?
2. You stu. You stu buy me toy, ille? You stu tell me story ille?
3. I not happy to you.
4. Then I not your friend. (when my friends don't share their toys with me. Works like magic this does. Only thing- they say it too..!)And incidentally, this doesn't work with the parents.
5. Amma, after you finish your work on comptutor, you give me Garfield cd, ok?
6. Monekku- means -carry 'mon', which is an endearment for son in mallu.
7. Acha, can you give me build-engine on lattop?
8. Eni mathi. (Amma wonders why I have such a short attention span- be it eating, drinking, playing, reading, blogging... but my motto is- life is short, and there are so many things to see/do, so do it all when you can...what say, folks?

Books I've read recently.
1. Count on Clifford-Norman Bridwell.
2. The Woman and the Crow- by Shankar (from CBT)
3. The Ant and the Pigeon- Popular Stories series by Rhythm Publishing Co
4. Prop and Prep on the Trail- Marion Kemp and Sheila Lane
5. Magic Pot- Chotu and Motu is my favourite in this. I also like Lootappi and Mavaya.
6. The Jungle Book- Disney's Silver Screen Classics
7. Storytime for 3 year olds- Ladybird. This reminds me- time to get 4 year old stories
8. Lady and the Tramp- Grolier Book Club edition.

8 songs I can listen to over and over.
1. Bum bum bole- Taare Zameen Par
2. Hare Krishna Hare Ram- Bhool Bhulaiyya
3. Cheeni Kum- Cheeni Kum
4. Nagada Nagada- Jab We Met
5. Crazy Frog. This one can mesmerise me. Amma was scandalised when during one school interview, a pretty lady asked me my favourite rhyme and I ting tinged this.
6. Mauja e Mauja- Jab We Met
7. Ente Kalbile vennilaavu nee- Classmates
8. Sutrum Vizhi- Ghajini

8 things that make me me.
1. A fetching grin. I wish Acha would let Amma upload the pics and let you see for yourselves. :)
2. Chattering nineteen to the dozen. I have seen Acha and Amma give each other looks and put their hands to their heads sometimes in the middle of my chatter. But a kid's got to talk!
3. Disarming friendliness to one and all, esp of the feminine gender.
4. Tears that can well up in a second when called for. Most useful this. Acha still gets conned, but not Amma. Sigh!
5. Clambering onto laps like a little kitten. Amma falls for this one most times.
6. Mispronunciation of words. This makes Acha and Amma and everybody else crack up every time. They should remember they were also small kids once.
7. Love for stories and books.
8. Not practising what I preach. I learn the preaching from the folks, but there's no one practising it, whom I can copy!

See you later alligator!


Timepass said...

LOL at the 8 things u say often..So, it's difficult to make amma surrender to ur tears??

Candyfloss said...

ROFL at ting-tinging to Crazy Frog!

And too many people are complaining about my name - might have to change it :-)

Parul said...

I loved the Crazy Frog ting-ting....why scandalized? It shows great taste, I think :-)

Swati said...

Love to the little kitten

Usha said...

hehehe. really You stu convince acha and have your pics posted.
And ya what is with your mom's obsession with food. Ease up lady will ya. Sonny will eat when he is hungry.
Chattering 19 to the dozen . Now we know where he gets THAT one from don't we? ( wink!)

Just Like That said...

TP: Yeah, I'm made of stronger stuff! ;-)

Candyfloss: I hope its the last time I address you this way- you can't blame them, its not you at all..!! we laughed too at Crazy Frog- the poor lady at first didn't get it- she was trying to figure out the rhyme, and I had to help her out- and then, we both laughed.

Parul: Yeah,good taste all right, but at a school interview, when asked for rhymes, he could have at least sung something with words, instead of ting tinging :-D

Swati: Will pass it on..:-)

Usha: Its a losing battle with the pics.. :-( but trying trying and trying again.. :-)
and shhhh...!about the genes..:-D

WhatsInAName said...

"Disarming friendliness to one and all, esp of the feminine gender.
No wonder you have won my heart already without even meeting :D